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Blue Tees Player Speaker Review: Golf Bluetooth Speaker

First Impressions Of The Blue Tees Player Speaker

Drawing upon years of experience in the realm of golf accessories, it’s evident that when a product stands out, it truly captures attention. The Blue Tees Player Speaker is one such gem. Diving deep into its features, design, and performance, we uncover a product crafted with dedication and precision. From its alluring design to the unmatched sound quality tailored for golfers, this speaker is a testament to how far golf tech has come. Join us as we delve into its nuances and see how it fares both on and off the green.

The moment I opened the packaging for the Blue Tees Player Speaker, I could tell this was a premium golf speaker designed with the everyday golfer in mind. The sleek all-black design looks fantastic, and the packaging itself is very high-quality, with a sturdy magnetic opening.

Right away I noticed the dual woofer design on the top and bottom of the speaker, which gives it a unique look compared to other Bluetooth golf speakers I’ve tested. The rugged, durable exterior seems like it could handle anything a day on the golf course could throw at it.

Pairing the speaker via Bluetooth was a breeze – I simply turned on the Player Speaker using the crossed tees button, went into my phone’s Bluetooth settings, and connected immediately. The speaker emitted a pleasant guitar strum tone when powered on, which I liked.

The built-in magnet on the Player Speaker is incredibly strong. It attached securely to my golf cart, even over bumps and tight turns on the course. The magnet ensures the speaker stays in the optimal position for sound quality while playing.

Setting Up And Using The Blue Tees Player Speaker

Setting Up And Using The Blue Tees Player Speaker

Beyond the initial Bluetooth pairing process, setting up and using the Blue Tees Player Speaker was very straightforward. The +/- volume buttons are obvious, with the + increasing volume and – decreasing it.

One thing I noticed compared to other Bluetooth golf speakers is that the maximum volume from the Player Speaker is very impressive. When turned all the way up, it can pump out sound to every corner of the golf course.

The crossed tees button serves multiple functions – a short press plays/pauses music, while a long press skip tracks forward or back. Below the volume and tees button is a more discreet mode button, which switches between indoor and outdoor sound modes.

I’ll admit I couldn’t hear a huge difference between indoor and outdoor mode, but having the option is nice. The mode button also enables pairing multiple Blue Tees speakers together – although I only had one to test with.

Using the Player Speaker on the course, I never had any issues with music cutting out or losing Bluetooth connection to my phone. The range on this speaker is excellent – I could leave my phone in the golf cart up to 50 yards away and not experience any dropping.

The strong magnet also comes in handy when using the Player Speaker off the golf course. It sticks securely to any metal surface, always keeping the speaker upright for the best sound quality whether indoors or outdoors.

Blue Tees Player Speaker Features

Dual woofer design provides an immersive audio experience

Loud maximum volume fills the golf course

Rich bass, clear mids and highs

Easily attaches to golf carts and metal surfaces

Keeps speaker stable and upright

Strongest magnet of any golf speaker

IPX7 waterproof rating – can be submerged up to 1m for 30 mins

Durable exterior can withstand golf course conditions

No worries if caught in the rain

Power on/off, volume up/down, play/pause, skip track

Outdoor and indoor sound modes

Pause button allows quickly muting music

Bluetooth 5.0 provides reliable wireless connection

Good range from phone – up to 50 yards

Easy to pair and connect to phones

Blue Tees Player Speaker Performance

Across several rounds of golf, I’ve been blown away by the performance of the Blue Tees Player Speaker. The sound quality is simply fantastic – rich, deep bass combined with crystal clear highs and mids.

At high volumes, the dual woofer design really shines through, delivering immersive 360-degree sound. I could clearly hear the speaker from 150+ yards away on the golf course. It fills the space with sound remarkably well.

The battery life has also impressed me. I can easily get 3 full rounds of golf out of a single charge, and the speaker gives low battery warnings when it’s time to recharge. Charging it fully takes around 2-3 hours.

One hugely beneficial feature is the IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning the Player Speaker can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. I’ve used it by the pool and lake without issue. No worries about getting caught in the rain on the course!

I also love the ability to instantly pause music at the press of a button when needed. The crossed tees button pauses playback immediately, perfect for those times when you need to focus or don’t want to disturb other golfers.

Overall, it’s clear Blue Tees put a ton of engineering into creating the best possible Bluetooth speaker tailored specifically for golfers. The Player performs admirably across all the key metrics – sound quality, volume, battery life, waterproofing, and connectivity.

Blue Tees Golf The Player Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker Securely Attaches to Golf Cart - IPX7 Waterproof

Final Thoughts On The Blue Tees Speaker

After extensive testing on and off the golf course, I can confidently say the Blue Tees Player Speaker is my top pick for golfers wanting to play music on the course.

The powerful magnet, rugged build quality, amazing sound and simple controls make it the ultimate golf cart speaker. Plus, it comes in at a very fair price point of $129.99.

If having GPS distances is important to you, something like the Bushnell Wingman could be a better pick. But for pure music playback, the Player Speaker is hard to beat.

I love that it just works flawlessly every time. The Bluetooth pairs immediately, the controls are intuitive, and the sound quality blows away any other Bluetooth speaker I’ve used for golfing.

Blue Tees knocked it out of the park with the Player. It’s engineered to elevate every round with immersive 360-degree sound in a durable, golf-friendly package. Any golfer who loves tunes on the course needs the Blue Tees Player Speaker in their golf bag!

Blue Tees Speaker FAQ

1. What is a Blue Tees Speaker?

A Blue Tees Speaker is a revolutionary GPS touchscreen golf speaker powered by the Blue Tees. It is a portable, wireless speaker specifically designed for golfers that provides an ultimate golf sound experience with its super strong bass and precision sound engineering.

2. How does the Blue Tees Speaker work?

The Blue Tees Speaker utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect to your golf GPS or smartphone. It acts as a player speaker, providing distance information and enhancing your golfing experience. It is powered by the Blue Tees, making it a reliable and powerful audio companion on the golf course.

3. Is the Blue Tees Speaker waterproof?

Yes, the Blue Tees Speaker is IPX7 waterproof. It can withstand rain and water splashes, ensuring that it remains functional even in wet conditions. You can use it worry-free on the golf course regardless of the weather.

4. Does the Blue Tees Speaker have a magnetic strip?

Yes, the Blue Tees Speaker features a magnetic strip that allows you to easily attach it to your golf cart or any metal surface. This ensures that the speaker stays securely in place while you enjoy your game.

5. Can I pair multiple Blue Tees Speakers together?

Yes, the Blue Tees Speaker supports pairing with multiple devices. Whether you want to connect multiple speakers for a surround sound experience or pair it with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, you have the flexibility to do so.

6. What is the Blue Tees Speaker Series 3 Max?

The Blue Tees Speaker Series 3 Max is the latest model in the Blue Tees Speaker lineup. It is an upgraded version with enhanced features and improved audio quality, delivering an even better sound experience for golfers.

7. Is there free shipping available for the Blue Tees Speaker?

Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders of the Blue Tees Speaker. Enjoy the convenience of getting this innovative golf speaker delivered to your doorstep without any additional charges.

8. Can the Blue Tees Speaker also function as a power bank?

No, the Blue Tees Speaker does not have the function of a power bank. It is primarily a portable speaker that can play audio from external devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops. 

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