About Us

Hi! I’m Yusree.


Welcome to Head Phone Say, your go-to space for everything related to headphones! Our journey began with a singular, profound passion – to assist music lovers and those passionate about sound in discovering the ideal headphones. We comprehend the essential role of headphones for those who love music, and we are here to guide you to the premium selections available.

We are ardently working to become a trusted source of information not just for headphone reviews but also for related accessories and more.

Our Mission

To empower music enthusiasts and those passionate about sound, assisting them in choosing the perfect headphones and related accessories by offering thorough product reviews and all the necessary information to make a well-informed decision.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity – Every piece of information on our site is authentic, reliable, and derived from the real-world experiences of our passionate community and experts.
  • Engagement – We are devoted to addressing all inquiries and suggestions from our community swiftly and to integrating valuable feedback.
  • Collaboration – The insights shared on our platform are a synthesis of the knowledge and experiences of our passionate community and experts.

How Head Phone Say Operates

Our content is organized into four main sections:

  • Sound Bites – Immerse yourself in a rich array of information, from casual to insightful, about music, headphones, audio accessories, and more.
  • Purchase Manuals – Navigate through detailed comparisons and insights into product categories, and more to guide your purchasing decisions.
  • Editor’s Choice – Leverage extensive guides featuring the crème de la crème products, meticulously chosen by our passionate community and experts. Examples include “Top 5 Headphones,” “Best 7 Headphone Stands,” etc.
  • Product Critiques – Explore in-depth reviews of leading products to make an enlightened choice before acquisition.

Our Team

Head Phone Say is fueled by a team of individuals who, while not music professionals, are deeply passionate about music, sound, and the technology that brings them to life. We are a mix of avid music listeners, headphone enthusiasts, writers, and technical aficionados.

Here’s a sneak peek of our passionate team members:

Yusree Kirsten

  • Position: Head Audio Guide & Webmaster
  • Bio: Yusree is a passionate explorer of technology and headphone marvels at HeadphoneSay. With a rich background in e-commerce blogging and managing several e-commerce platforms, he brings a symphony of knowledge to the team. Currently pursuing a Google SEO Certification, Yusree is dedicated to amplifying the latest headphone tech through reviews, guides, and insightful tips. Beyond the world of audio and tech, he’s an avid golfer, culinary enthusiast, and a former cyclist. Join him on this melodious journey, ensuring every listening experience is a harmonious adventure.

Laura Yuniarta

  • Position: Information Systems Specialist & Lead Graphic Designer
  • Bio: Meet Laura Yuniarta, the fusion of tech brilliance and artistic flair at HeadphoneSay. With a solid foundation in Information Systems, Laura seamlessly integrates the latest tech solutions into our platform, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all. But her talents don’t stop there. As our Lead Graphic Designer, she crafts visually captivating designs that resonate with our audience, making every visit to HeadphoneSay a feast for the eyes and ears. When she’s not optimizing systems or sketching designs, Laura delves into the world of digital art, always pushing the boundaries of creativity. Join her as she bridges the gap between functionality and aesthetics, ensuring HeadphoneSay is not just heard, but also seen.