Headphones AKG K712 pro for gaming what good?

AKG is a brand that is too famous for those who play audio, AKG headphones always bring great experiences, and headphones AKG K712 pro for gaming is a high-end headset from AKG.


AKG K712 Pro has a classic design that brings nostalgia to users like the best classic earbuds. The large round design pad ensures good ear-hugging and soundproofing when you enjoy music. Housing is finished in a sharp, delicate way, with no redundant details or smudged places.


The AKG K712 Pro headband is divided into two separate parts by the manufacturer. The first part is the part that is in direct contact with the wearer, made from high-grade leather with thin to create flexibility when worn. The second part helps the AKG K712 Pro to be easily shaped with a highly elastic material that easily transforms according to the wearer’s head size.


The cable is designed by the manufacturer as a separate form. According to its own standards, the cable connection port is made by AKG, with a thick thickness to create certainty, minimizing the possibility of breakage when wearing and moving. We will have 2 cables, one made in a straight line and one made in the form of spring suitable for different purposes of the wearer, both cables are made very long to create maximum mobility for the wearer. all activities of the wearer.

About sound quality AKG K712 Pro


Headphones AKG K712 pro for gaming give listeners a sound quality worth their money. The bass AKG K712 Pro is clear, as well as very good texture, strong, deep, strong bass. The mid sound is highly detailed and bright, creating an airy, smooth mid-quality that best reproduces the singer’s voice. Treb sound is also reproduced perfectly by the headset in both quality and quality.
Treb sound shows detail, without distortion, or timidity, or glare. The sound quality is very well balanced, so it will help you hear even the smallest sounds in the game. Because of the good sound quality, the AKG K712 Pro is considered one of the best headsets for CS GO.

Specifications of AKG K712 PRO Headphones


Headphone type             open

Audio Frequency bandwidth:     10 to 39800 Hz

Sensitivity headphones:              105 dB SPL/V

Max. Input Power           200 mW

Rated Impedance           62 Ohms


Detachable cable            yes

Cable Length     3 m

Earpads Replaceable     yes

Audio Interface

Type      Screw-on Jack Combo (1/4″ and 1/8″)

Gender Male

Contacts             3-pin

Interface Finish Gold

Dimensions / Weight

Length  113 mm

Width   199 mm

Height   212 mm


Weight        235 g.

If you are a person who likes nostalgia, a little nostalgia in design, then surely the Headphones AKG K712 pro for gaming will be a choice not to be missed. The housing finish is good, with luxurious metal materials, a high-quality sound quality, you will certainly not be able to ignore the attraction of the headset.


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