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Bone conduction headphones are an effective alternative to conventional wireless headphones. They help you clearly hear what’s going on around you with the vibrations of the sound coming into your cheekbones, which sounds a bit strange but now it’s replacing wired headphones for life. Your game becomes a lot more interesting.


In the article 5 ideas for bone conduction headphones, we have searched and summarized a few headphones that are having the best popularity for you!

The following table has listed top 5 ideas for bone conduction headphones currently, you can buy right now:

AfterShokz Aeropex Open-Ear
Vidonn F1 Sports
AfterShokz Titanium
Pyle Bone Conduction Headphones
Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones

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Looking for bone conduction headphones? Here is a list of 5 headphones we reviewed and collapsed above. All are notable for the time being, you can quickly buy with the click of a button.


Don’t miss out on the great sounds from these headphones. You can use it for many different activities such as: exercising, working, chatting with friends, entertainment … With the trendiest design and most comfort. If you need more detailed information, take a moment to read this article!

Reviews Of Top 5 Ideas For Bone Conduction Headphones

AfterShokz Aeropex

AfterShokz Aeropex Open-Ear

Via Amazon

Starting off in the bone conduction headphones list are these AfterShokz Aeropex headphones. You will feel unprecedented comfort with its ultra-light design, you can wear all day long without feeling pain in the ears or discomfort.


With bone conduction technology, AfterShokz Aeropex is the leading product, providing sound quality more assured than other products, the sound moves along the cheekbones so you can clearly feel your surroundings. . People are often concerned about the large bone conduction vibrations that cause itching and discomfort, but AfterShokz Aeropex has solved the problem.


Music experience time up to 8 hours (charging time 2 hours), an average number. We expect it to be even more improved, increasing its usage time by more than a day. If you sweat frequently due to vigorous activity, do not worry that these headphones can completely waterproof you.

Vin F1 Titanium

Vidonn F1 Sports

Via Amazon

Next in the bone conduction headphones list is the Vin F1 Titanium headset, which is designed to comfortably hold your ears, helping to limit the slip out of hard sports. In addition, this headset is also waterproof. You can practice with peace of mind.


Compared to the AfterShokz Aeropex headphones, their comfort level is similar, which is great for sports activities. The sound is at a low level, the sound travels through your cheekbones to your ears thanks to the impulse vibrations.


Fast Bluetooth connection, faster pairing with devices. For a headset like Vin F1 in general, the quality is quite good, the price is not too high compared to what it has done for users. The rest depends on your choice!

AfterShokz Titanium

AfterShokz Titanium

Via Amazon

These headphones are chosen by quite a few people, so we have included these bone conduction headphones. Design dynamic and modern, AfterShokz Tiatanium is a bit lower priced than other headphones, but the quality is excellent. Safe titanium strap, you can wear all day still feel comfortable and comfortable. Available in different sizes to fit your head.


Bluetooth V4.1 technology ensures a fast cradle connection without difficulty when pairing with the device. The headphones also have good sweat and dust resistance, and the shelf life of AfterShokz is 6 hours. Not too big a number, hopefully it will improve in the near future.


If you care about sound quality over price, you can spend some extra money to buy the Aftershokz at a higher price. The rest depends on your choice.

Pyle Bone Conduction Headphones

Pyle Bone Conduction Headphones

Via Amazon

Bone conduction headphones gradually change many minds in the headphone market, such as Pyle. The design has a modern style that does not cover the ears completely while still ensuring sound transmission thanks to the vibration behind the cheekbones, directly transmitting sound into your ears. You can experience both music and environment at the same time.


Pyle bone conduction headphones are affordable, waterproof. Ensure a firm fixation on your ears, and prevent falling out. Bluetooth connection quickly pair with other devices easily.

Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones

Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones

Via Amazon

Last on our bone conduction headphones list is the Tayogo, a much improved bone conduction headset that delivers high-fidelity sound. All-day comfort has completely replaced other in-ear headphones.


Compact, lightweight design surrounds all of your ears, holds your head close and fits well, avoiding slipping during outdoor exercise or running. Bluetooth 5.0 connection quickly pair with surrounding devices such as tablets, smart watches, iOS / Anroid mobile devices …


With a battery life of up to 6 hours, the Tayogo bone conduction headphones are quite suitable for use when traveling, practicing, or moving. The rest depends on your choice!

Pick For The Best

We hope the article bone conduction headphones can help you choose the most suitable headphones. If still hesitant about our picks, here’s our little suggestion of the AfterShokz Aeropex headphones.

It really impresses quite a few other outstanding features that will assist you well in entertainment, work, or other useful purposes. Enjoy up to 8 hours of excellent use again, so you don’t need to worry about running out of battery quickly if you use it a lot. They are comfortable enough for you to enjoy your own space all day long.


If you have ever used or know which bone conduction headphones, please let us know! (Note: Prices may fluctuate over time)


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