Why use AudioRange ITE-1000 Solo when watching TV

In people over 70 years old, hearing function will be impaired, can not watch television like normal people, but must use AudioRange ITE-1000 Solo.

As you age your hearing will decrease. What makes you unable to hear the sound from your TV. To overcome this, you need a device to support and one of the devices that helps you listen to TV more clearly is AudioRange ITE-1000.

Sound quality for AudioRange ITE-1000


Sound quality is a top priority when choosing to buy hearing aid headphones for the elderly. This factor is more important than the form, design, and type of the product. Prioritize hearing aid headphones with good sound amplification capabilities. In addition, they must also have the function of filtering sound, distinguishing and separating speech from ambient noise. Especially for the elderly, they will be very tired when listening to loud noises. All these things AudioRange E-1000 can meet.

The earbuds give you high quality sound without covering up your entire ear. The headphones can be manipulated and pressed together to find your right fit and the headset hub can be worn in front or behind your neck for maximum comfort.

AudioRange ITE-1000 is not annoying to use

This product is comfortable for the elderly to use to watch TV. Even if worn for a long time, it still does not cause discomfort.

There are many features when in use


The ITE-1000 comes in two options – a package with one In-Ear TV Headphone or a package with two sets – one for you and one for your loved one. The duo package allows you both to adjust the volume to a level that’s right for you. The headphones are easy to set up, everything you need is included in the package and there’s no need for batteries. The headphones come with a rechargeable battery pack.

The ITE-1000 even has a mic/sound amplifier that will allow you to have a conversation without removing your headset. A built-in microphone will mute the TV in your earbuds and amplify the sound around you. And if you need to get up during your favorite TV show or program, don’t worry. You won’t miss a word since the wireless range for the headphones is up to 100 feet. AudioRange ITE-1000 is considered one of the tv headphones for seniors.


Cost: $129.99

Transmitter: 5V

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Charge Time: 1.5 – 2.0 hours

Usage Time: Up to 10 hours

Range: Up to 100 ft. indoors; 200 ft. in open field

One-year limited warranty.

Above are some sharing about the AudioRange ITE-1000 Solo product for the elderly. Hope you will be satisfied with the AudioRange ITE-1000 solo.

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