Which Oneplus 7t earphones should I use?

You own a Oneplus 7t phone, but because Oneplus 7t uses a USB-C jack, you don’t know which Oneplus 7t earphones to choose. Ok here will be a suggestion for you.

The OnePlus 7T Pro does not have a headphone jack. Because of this, when using a headset connected to Oneplus 7t, there will be 2 ways: using a headset with USB-C jack or You’ll have to invest in a USB-C adapter if you want to use cabled headphones with it.

Bullets 2T headphones use USB-C jack


This Bullets 2 headset inherits the design from the Bullets V2. With a construction of headphones with a polyarylate diaphragm from the German company ARYPHAN and a Japanese black copper aluminum coil used in the high-end headphones.
The enhancements provide a clearer audio experience, thanks also to the new EQ customizations, which are pre-installed in OnePlus devices.
OnePlus’ Bullets 2T uses a USB Type-C connector instead of a 3.5mm port. This headset has a built-in DAC digital decoding chip and supports 96KHz/24Bit high-definition audio format, better anti-interference ability, better compatibility, it will bring quality. more pleasant sound
Finally, these headphones weigh only 1.8 grams, their sound chambers are made of aluminum alloy. And the price of this Bullets 2T headset is 119 CNY (about 25$). Therefore, Bullets 2T is the product in the group of best headphones under 200.



Bullets 2T headphones use USB-C jack

You’ll have to invest in a USB-C adapter if you want to use cabled headphones with it. For Oneplus 7 Pro 6T USB Type C To Headphone jack 3.5MM AUX Audio Adapter For One Plus 7 Pro 1+6T USB C Music Converter Cable. trademark: OnePlus Model Number: For Oneplus 6t Adapter Aux Audio Input voltage: 6A Output voltage: 5V Fit:: For Oneplus 7 7pro 6 6t 5 5t 3 3t Adapter Aux Audio.


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