What is the dark side of ASMR?

Have you ever worn a headset and experienced a pleasant tingling sensation from the nape of your neck, spreading down your spine, all over your body and limbs? If so, it could be Autonomous sensory meridian response – ASMR.

When listening to the sound emitted from the ASMR video we have a feeling of comfort, lightness, and relaxation. But besides that, there are also many ASMR videos that take advantage of the indescribable tingling sensation around the head and nape to create highly sexually arousing sounds, which is said to be the dark side of ASMR.

The word “meridian” (roughly translated as orgasm) has no sexual connotation at all, but means midday in Old French, connoting a pleasant climax. “Meridian” is also the English word for the meridian system in Chinese medicine, the network through which the qi flows in the body, creating a similar tingling sensation. To hear and feel the ASMR sound, users need to use the best earbuds for ASMR.

The ASMR created the internet phenomenon


Over the past few years, YouTube has exploded with videos of women talking in whispers or tapping on objects around the house. The strange thing is that many people when watching suddenly have an indescribable tingling sensation around the head and nape.

Most ASMR videos show the girls talking in whispers to the audience, tapping on household items. Those soft noises are what trigger ASMR sensations. And the people who make these videos are called ASMR artists.

Ally, whose YouTube nickname is ASMRequests, has over 185,000 followers. All she did was whisper into the video camera to the audience. Similar is GentleWhispering with 300,000 followers. She just talks directly into the camera, gives instructions on how to speak Russian, or simply talks about her life or answers questions from fans.

But some GentleWhispering ASMR videos get up to 12 million hits. In addition to whispers, the sound of fingers tapping on objects, from a comb combing hair or from a brush stroking the microphone tip also creates the feeling of ASMR.

An ASMR artist nicknamed Heather Feather posted a video online showing her combing her hair while it was wet, drying it, and then brushing it again. The 1-hour-long video has attracted more than 32,604 hits.

Currently, Heather Feather has more than 180,000 followers on YouTube. “I can explain that ASMR is a pleasant shivering sensation like the feeling of someone stroking your back or playing with your hair,” says Heather Feather.

More and more ASMR artists appear, uploading to YouTube various types of videos with different content to trigger ASMR feeling in viewers. GentleWhispering whose real name is Maria explains part of the reason ASMR videos have exploded on YouTube because most ASMR artists are young, good-looking girls.

Actually, ASMR and sex are not related, but the physical attractiveness of ASMR artists has no small impact. Gentle Whispering thinks that the fact that a man stands in front of the camera and whispers easily makes viewers feel weird and shy. However, there are also exceptions. For example, videos of ASMR male artist Bob Ross whispering to viewers, painting paintings making gentle noises have attracted millions of hits. Tech site Mashable describes Bob Ross as the “godfather” of the ASMR phenomenon.

The dark side of ASMR is some video ASMR become highly sexual hight


This has to do with the brain’s pleasure sensors, at least some of the correlation between ASMR and sex is real. Dr. Craig Richard, ASMR researcher and founder of the aforementioned ASMR University, notes that the pain caused by ASMR videos can make viewers feel like they are worshiping the person or object that causes the pain this fun. “ASMR videos produce a sexual response, but it’s mostly due to the sexual stimuli, not the ASMR triggers,” he said. With conventional ASMR, it is believed that sexual arousal occurs infrequently. Only about 10 percent of people report feeling aroused by ASMR, says Craig.

Sure, though, some ASMRs can creep into porn. One particular segment, called erotica ASMR, consists of sexual images and behaviors combined with ASMR-enabled behaviors and sounds designed to stimulate the viewer’s brain while they stimulate themselves. For those new to ASMR, there are statements that often reveal whether the ASMRtist is intentionally sexually arousing. The difference is usually easy to spot. One of the most famous ASMR porn artists is Valeriya ASMR, a blonde with revealing breasts as she teases viewers with feathers and sounds from her mouth. Apparently, that worked quite well as she raked in over half a million subscribers on YouTube.

Fact or fantasy about the pleasure of Autonomous sensory meridian response – ASMR?

There are no specific scientific studies on this phenomenon. However, renowned neurologist Steve Novella, who writes on the topic on the Neuro Logicablog website, thinks ASMR may be triggered from a specific part of the brain. He assessed that many unrelated people have described the feeling of ASMR very similarly, so it can be confirmed that the phenomenon of ASMR is real.

Those who believe in ASMR claim that watching ASMR videos on YouTube helps treat illnesses such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep disorders, attention disorders, anxiety, vestibular pain, etc. There is no evidence to support this and no studies on the medical effects of ASMR. But the ASMR community is constantly expanding on YouTube, and ASMR video recording technology is becoming more and more modern. ASMR artist TheWaterwhispers said that now ASMR artists have been equipped with more modern and professional cameras, applied better recording technology, so the quality of ASMR videos is increasingly improving.

“What is ASMR? Many people call it the feeling of brain orgasm. It’s an example that our brains are incredibly complex and strange. If not, how do you explain the existence of millions of videos of people whispering and making noises?” – Dr. Steve Novella concluded. The best way to check if ASMR exists is to watch ASMR videos on YouTube and draw our own conclusions.

ASMR can be a very foreign concept to most of us. More than six years ago, no one knew what it was. Only since 2008, Internet groups such as the “Society of Sentimentalists” or the blog “The Untitled Feeling” have been established to discuss and share experiences about this feeling.

Author Jenn Allen, the founder of the website asmr-research.org, came up with the name ASMR. And now ASMR is becoming an explosive phenomenon on the Internet. Looking up the word ASMR on the YouTube site will result in more than 1.5 million videos. And only in the last one or two years has the international media started to pay attention to the ASMR phenomenon.


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