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This is an article about tranya Bluetooth earbuds review, it can be seen that listening to music will continue to be motivated and energetic in everyday life. From children to the elderly who love their own music, soothing melodies can also put people to sleep. There are only a few small problems where finding good headphones that are suitable for your wallet?


Of course, you may have owned quite a few different brands in the past. They spend a lot of money. Particularly with this article, we spend more time on tranya Bluetooth, you can skip this wonderfully connected headset now, otherwise take a little time to learn more!


design tranya bluetooth earbuds review

Our first impression of the Tranya B530 headphones is the semi-circular design, the look is not really unique but with a distinct difference. There is a layer of light green trim above the headphones, looking at them like “snails“, ready to slip inside your ears, neatly laid. The symbols “L” and “R” are clearly marked and should be worn on the left or right side, not to be confused.


These headphones are quite small in size and come with a carrying case for you to easily pocket (2×3 inch). The front of the charging box has 4 LEDs showing the current battery level. Next to it is a small micro USB, used to plug the battery charger. In terms of the overall design of the Tranya B530 headset is quite simple, neither too big nor too small. Easy to use and carry.


pairing tranya bluetooth earbuds review

We tried out the B530 headphones on one side, which is interesting as they still sound really good. After taking the headset out of the case, the headset will automatically pair with your smart device, the LED light blinks continuously to indicate the connection.


Note that you have turned on Bluetooth on your phone so they can pair with each other. The pairing name is “Tranya B530“, please press select. Once successful, the LED will stop flashing. You can listen to music now! You see simple is not it, this headset can pair even laptops, TVs. Once paired they will memorize all these devices for the next pairing.


comfort tranya bluetooth earbuds review

Next in the article tranya bluetooth earbuds review, try wearing them to your ears. On the earphone there is a note “L” and “R” meaning the left or right ear, helping you not to be worn on the wrong side. Make sure you wear it correctly! The headphones are quite fit, you can freely move your head or move, they remain still inside your ears.


Tranya B530 headphones come in 3 different silicone head sizes, you can rest assured to replace them immediately if it doesn’t feel right. Overall, these headphones still provide enough comfort when worn for many hours continuously.

Sound Quality:

OK, the sound is an important thing not to be missed in the article tranya bluetooth earbuds review, we did a few tests and were satisfied with the sound quality of the B530 emitted, some genres like hip hop, modern, classical, jazz..It is true that the highs and lows are great when they play out music.


Frequency 20Hz to 80Hz, transmit high-quality sound to your ears. We tuned the sound to a higher level, and the distortion was inevitable, which is common in many other headphones as well.


Besides, there is aptX audio technology with Qualcomm built-in, maximum support for sound. Meaning you can experience the sharpest and most realistic sound. On the whole, the B530’s sound is on our appreciation level, still effectively suppressing noise up to 20 decibels, keeping a good sound level inside your ears.

Battery Life:

battery life tranya bluetooth earbuds review

Battery life is the 3rd part we discuss inside the tranya bluetooth earbuds review, we understand that it would be great if they have a large battery. But the B530’s battery is just average, lasting up to 8 hours, but this seems inaccurate after a few tests, we found that the ratios are slightly different. Sometimes they only get up to 7 hours of music playback, so the final battery time will be 7-8 hours of playback.


After using and adding my friends gave general comments about the side degree of the Tranya B530 headset. They limit dirt and scratches, and IPX5 water resistance also helps protect the headphones better, they withstand drizzle or sweat without any other problems.


However, you shouldn’t let them sink in deep water! All of the above reviews apply to headphones, the charging case is not waterproof.

Final Thoughts

Summarizing the article tranya bluetooth earbuds review, a lot of my friends fell in love with this headset after using it. And so do we, they’re really good wireless earbuds, high-quality sound, durable. It is important to fit each person’s budget very well! These headphones always get a warranty after you buy them in the right place.


Hopefully, we have succeeded in helping you better understand these Tranya B530 headphones! If you have better suggestions, please share the below comments to let us know that.


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