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Sony wireless tv headphones are the special solution that takes your home cinema experience to another level. They allow you to enjoy all kinds of movies such as: action, fiction, romance, … without causing discomfort. Check out headphonesay’s reviews below!

The following table has listed sony wireless tv headphone currently, you can buy right now:

sony wireless tv headphone
sony wireless tv headphone
sony wireless tv headphone
sony wireless tv headphone
sony wireless tv headphone

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When you combine the picture and sound of your favorite movie at home, it will be an extremely enjoyable experience. You won’t need to go to the cinema anymore, refer to the list of sony wireless tv headphones above for a quick shopping, if you are busy.


In addition, to help you save more time. We also compiled a list of favorite headphones tv headphones for seniors.

Reviews Of Sony Wireless Tv Headphone

Sony RF400

sony wireless tv headphone

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The first choice in the article sony wireless tv headphone is this Sony RF400 headset. They are quite interesting and have a relatively low price, suitable for many people’s wallets. Weekends will be great if you have a “friend” Sony RF400 with you.


Headband design fits and is comfortable, use all day long without feeling heavy on the head. However, you should still use it carefully because the headset’s headband is made of plastic. The battery life of the Sony RF400 lasts up to 20 hours continuously, very suitable for full-length movies.


The Sony RF400 headset is easy to use without any other difficulties, the headset includes an AC adapter, headphones, rechargeable battery, etc.

Sony L600

sony wireless tv headphone

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The Sony L600 headphones are the next recommendation in our list of sony wireless tv headphones, they are suitable for many uses such as: playing games, watching movies, watching sports, etc. Headphones that transmit sound quality lively and powerful.


The headset has a convenient automatic charging stand, we quite like the feature of the Sony L600, the accuracy is very high. The usage time lasts up to 17 hours, but the charging time is up to 6 hours. The rest depends on your choice!

Sony WHXB900N

sony wireless tv headphone

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Sony WH-XB900N Bluetooth headset has a modern and luxurious design, attracting the love of all users. Durable exterior, less fingerprints, light weight, easy for users to carry in daily luggage.


The 2 color versions of blue and black are both gorgeous, with a super-fold design that makes storing the headset simple. Over-ear headphones with EXTRA BASS technology deliver loud, clear sound, thick and solid bass, perfect digital noise cancellation.


Delivering an exciting, immersive and immersive private music experience, for all the music genres you love. Sound as authentic and immersive as in a live concert or artist studio with 360 Reality Audio.


Bluetooth 4.2 connection with a connection distance of up to 10m, compatible with all smartphones. Just press the custom button located on the left earbud of the Bluetooth headset, easily request a quick search that you are looking for.


Impressive battery capacity with 30 hours of use after only 7 hours of full charge, 10 minutes quick charge to use 60 minutes more. In short, with a modern headset like the Sony WH-XB900N, the music experience becomes more complete, providing optimal satisfaction.

Sony WH-CH510

sony wireless tv headphone

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Bringing in a compact outer shell design with a weight of only 132 g, along with the fact that the Sony WH-CH510 is flexible and flexible. Thanks to that, the headset can be easily carried with you on long trips without worrying about the ability to occupy space of this wireless headset.


The Sony WH-CH510 achieves up to 35 hours of continuous music playback, saving you from worrying about the headset running out of battery midway while enjoying a good song. Besides, the charging time of this headset also reaches 4-5 hours of charging and you can charge 10 minutes and can use up to 90 minutes continuously.


The handling of calls or non-touch operations is optimal on the Sony WH-CH510 headset with the push of a button, you can call up the virtual assistant and help you send messages, make calls or even even reports the work schedule for you. They support 2 main operating systems, Android and iOS.


The pivot on the Sony WH-CH510 bluetooth headset is capable of adapting to many different heads. In addition, there is also the ability to add soft on-ear foam to help cradle your ears during long listening activities.

Sony WH1000XM3

sony wireless tv headphone

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The Sony WH-1000XM3 uses a dedicated CPU for noise cancellation called QN1. Now, noise such as people and vehicles can be eliminated and not affect the listening experience. The QN1 will also be responsible for processing 32bit digital audio signals thanks to a high-end DAC chip.


The Smart Listening function helps the headset to have 3 modes to automatically adjust the ambient sound to suit each user’s activities. WH-1000XM3 has dual noise sensor technology, using 2 mics to capture ambient sound through QN1 to cancel sound.


In addition, the barometric pressure optimization feature will check if the user is on the plane to adjust and automatically remove the noise. The battery of the WH-1000XM3 has a music playtime of up to 30 hours, with fast charging technology to fully charge the battery in just 3 hours. Suitable to put in the list of sony wireless tv headphones.

Pick For The Best

If you are a busy person, constantly moving on flights, a Sony WH1000XM3 noise-cancelling headset will be an indispensable product. In addition, the headset is also highly rated in the list of sony wireless tv headphones.


Hopefully this review of ours can help you have a better overview of Sony headphones. Follow Headphonesay every day to update more interesting headphone news!

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