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Headphones bone conduction can help you fully immerse yourself in the world of your own music. They are designed to allow you to listen to music or audiobooks while paying attention to the sounds of your surroundings. So which type of bone conduction headphones is right for you?

Bone conduction headphones are headphones that are placed right on the listener’s cheekbones. To better understand the definition of bone conduction headphones, they vibrate conduction sound through the jawbone (bypassing the ear). Technology was started in 1920 by Hugo Gernsback – a bone conduction hearing aid.


Today, bone conduction sound has extended beyond the world of medicine, and serves as a great tool for outdoor athletes.

Headphones bone conduction

Because with this type of sound transmission, the ears will be comfortable, from there, the listener can perceive and feel everything going on around, this is paramount when you are running outside or walking. long road.

How does this headset work?

Headphones transmit sound waves through the bones of the listener’s skull by continuously vibrating the bones. More specifically, sound travels through the skull straight to the cochlea, not through the eardrum, malleus, incus (small bones in the middle ear) or stapes (stapes in the middle ear). The cochlea then moves microscopic hairs (stereocilia) in the Corti (a part of Cochlea – a component of the inner ear involved with hearing).


This flow of motion initiates a chain of chemical reactions that stimulate neurotransmitters to stimulate the auditory nerve.

This process also explains why you hear your voice sound deeper than someone else’s. Because bones transmit low-frequency sounds better than high-frequency sounds, that’s why I would be surprised to hear my voice recorded more “shrill” than I thought.

Are bone conduction headphones good?

In general, bone conduction headphones have their own advantages and disadvantages for you to consider choosing.



– Does not cause occlusion, tinnitus and earache when worn, especially for those who have a habit of wearing headphones for a long time.

– Allows you to enjoy music but still hear the sounds around.



– No noise reduction in noisy environments.

– The technology used on this type of headset is still expensive.

– Sound quality is not as good as regular headphones.

Quick Comparison: Headphones Bone Conduction

The following table has listed headphones bone conduction currently, you can buy right now:

Headphones bone conduction
Headphones bone conduction
Headphones bone conduction

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So how do bone conduction headphones work? It’s basically a method where transducers are used to send vibrations through your cheekbones and jawbone to your ears. Your brain then starts processing, converting those sound vibrations into what’s passing through that headset.


While they are ideal for fitness enthusiasts who want to be more aware of their surroundings, they can also be useful in any situation where you need to be concerned that you can hear the combination. between your own music and that ambient noise, maybe while walking down a busy street.

Reviews Of Headphones Bone Conduction

AfterShok Air Headphones Bone Conduction

Headphones bone conduction

Via Amazon

With the Bone-Conduction design, Aftershok AIR will still be able to transmit sound to the wearer without having to wear it to the ear, thereby not hindering communication in public places. Aftershok AIR is reworked with about 20% lighter weight than TREKZ TITANIUM, and is also equipped with IP55 water and sweat resistance. Aftershok AIR has a total weight of about 30g.


The headphones are equipped with PremiumPitch+ acoustic technology that provides powerful bass and high Dynamic Range, delivering excellent sound quality with just the Bone-Conduction design.


Products using bluetooth 4.2 connection compatible with A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP profiles. TREKZ AIR has a frequency response level of 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz and a sensitivity of 100 dB, owns 6 hours of battery life and 2 hours of charging time.

AfterShokz Xtrainerz Headphones Bone Conduction

Headphones bone conduction

Via Amazon

Quite similar to its predecessors, the Aftershokz Xtrainerz is a headset capable of conducting sound through the bones of your ear. But the special thing is that this time, the company decided to increase her water resistance to IP68. This will be good news for fans of water sports (except diving).


As we’ve said before, bone-conduction headphones will have a hard time competing with traditional earbuds in terms of sound quality. Often the bass will be quite weaker and the overall volume level smaller.


But those are also the characteristics that the underwater headphones must be like. Because when swimming or playing other activities, because of the nature of outdoor activities and exposed to a lot of surprises around.


Xtrainerz is certified as a fairly durable headset, can be dustproof, waterproof up to IP68. With this headset, you can completely swim with “her” at a depth of about 1.8 meters regardless of whether it is in surface water or fresh water.


In addition, AfterShokz is also very proud that Xtrainerz can withstand the corrosion ability of salt in salt water for up to 72 hours. And with its ultra-compact titanium frame design, the Xtrainerz will keep you swimming in all the different styles you love.


In particular, this wonderful Xtrainerz headset also does not require you to connect to a smartphone or portable MP3 player, because “she” owns 4GB of space to store about 1,000 favorite songs. with a battery life that can last up to six hours!

Pyle Bone Conduction Headphones Headphones Bone Conduction

Headphones bone conduction

Via Amazon

The Pyle is a fully waterproof, IPX6-rated bone conduction headset, this set of headphones from Pyle at a price point to suit many people. If you often drop things in the house easily, the Pyle bone conduction headset is quite suitable.


In fact, the headphones can play up to 3 hours at full volume and provide up to 240 hours more standby time. Connect quickly and easily with Bluetooth 4.1 technology about 35 feet away. The sturdy design helps keep the headset firmly on your head, preventing accidental drops while cycling/running.

Pick For The Best

To help you choose the right bone conduction headphones, we’ve rounded up the best headphones on this list. Experts have performed various tests to give an overview of pros and cons.


Of course, if we have a choice, we think we should still prioritize sound quality. AFTERSHOKZ Air headphones will be the right choice for you!


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