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Headphones bose is a major American audio company that is popular with many people from home audio systems to portable speaker models, headphones with proven sound quality. In this article, you will get an overview of Bose headphones.

Bose is one of the premium brands in the US in the field of audio equipment, founded in 1964 by businessman father Amar Gopal Bose, before that he was a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). , and the brand’s most prominent products are wireless speakers and headphones. With his in-depth research in the field of audio technology, the businessman quickly applied it to the products of the Bose Company. Since then, Bose has quickly become a world-renowned audio equipment brand.


When you’re on the go or doing outdoor activities, you’re concerned about your Blutooth connection being shaky, but things have become extremely easy when using Bose wireless headphones. With a different electromechanical solution, Bose has created a reliable wireless connection. What’s more, you don’t have to search for your devices as the multi-function control button allows you to easily switch between two Bluetooth devices, increase or decrease the volume, transfer music, and receive/end calls. call, can also cancel noise. They give you a better experience, helping you to enjoy stable, comfortable music whether in the gym, office, outdoors…

Quick Comparison: Headphones Bose

The following table has listed headphones bose 2021 currently, you can buy right now:

Headphones bose
Headphones bose
Headphones bose
Headphones bose
Headphones bose

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Genuine Bose hadphones are famous for their noise-canceling headphones, wireless headphones, and compact luxury sports headphones. The sound quality of the Bose headphones is greatly influenced by the company’s speaker line with its characteristic bass, solid round sound, and light-melted bass that makes listeners comfortable.


We can quickly list some of the most popular Bose headphones with Bose in-ear, Bose soundsport, Truewireless or noise-cancelling QC lines.

Reviews Of Headphones Bose

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Best earbuds bluetooth

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Bose – the sound company that is so famous in the audio market today has been officially launched by many audiophiles to the enthusiasts of its bluetooth headset products a new model with extremely quiet sound quality. ear with sweet mid range, perfect bass with the name Bose QuietComfort Earbuds.


A noise-cancelling headset is sometimes a savior for you when you want to enjoy music perfectly. With Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, sound is crisp, clear, and bass is deeper, giving you a more comfortable music experience that’s not affected by outside noises.


·       Active noise cancellation: Both external and internal microphones sense ambient sounds to your ears in 1 millisecond. This creates a feedback signal that cancels out unwanted noises so you can immerse yourself in your favorite sounds with perfect silence.


·       Passive noise cancellation: Possessing soft earpads that are designed to fit and hug the listener’s ears to the fullest extent, eliminating outside sounds from entering while effectively impacting the ability to reduce noise and add emotion to your music.


With extremely effective IPX4 water resistance on QuietComfort Earbuds, it helps to protect your headphones from moisture or water splashing on the headphones from any direction. Now take your headphones with you when you go to the gym or wear them right away in the rain or snow without worrying about your device breaking.

Bose SoundSport Free

Headphones bose

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Headphones Bose SoundSport Free is the first fully wireless headset model of Bose just launched in Vietnam. SoundSport Free is suitable for outdoor sports activities, as well as many other activities that require the use of this quality wireless headset. Bringing users the best features and experience today.


Following the “movement” of the Airpod, more and more headphone companies are launching their products with true-wireless designs, creating a multitude of diverse models with different prices. Bose also cannot stay out of the market share game, recently Bose launched the Bose SoundSport Free headset, which will be the device that Bose hopes to capture the market share of Apple AirPods because it is aimed at professional sports people. Karma.


SoundSport Free is supported with DSP technology to optimize sound quality. These sports headphones are also IPX4 sweat and water resistant. The built-in battery inside the headset lasts up to 5 hours with continuous listening. In addition, the accompanying case of SoundSport Free can be recharged 2 more times, equivalent to 10 hours of use and 45 minutes more listening when fast charging for 15 minutes.


At each volume level, Bose will calculate the most optimal EQ for SoundSport. This product brings the typical sound of high-end, bright, youthful Bose headphones. The tonal ranges are clearly represented, not overlapping. Especially the mid and treble sound of SoundSport is quite good. The sound quality of this headset will really attract customers when using it.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Headphones bose

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Headphones Bose has just launched a new version of their high-end noise-cancelling headset model, the BOSE QC 35 II with integrated Google Assistant smart virtual assistant. Just like the previous version, the headphones support active noise cancellation at low, high or off for better music enjoyment.


The headset is upgraded from the previous QC35 with improved noise cancellation technology and certain comfort when worn and is a direct competitor to the Sony WH-1000XM2 Bose has redesigned the headset with the latest technology. Bluetooth technology and world-class noise cancellation make your music experience even better. That means you can enjoy your music without being influenced or disturbed by external factors.


Activate noise canceling technology with a single tap, the noise fades and your music gets better. All thanks to the power of Acoustic Noise Canceling technology, which continuously measures, compares and reacts to outside noises and then cancels them out with the opposing signal. You may find it familiar on Bose inear products such as Bose soundsport wireless or Bose soundsport free wireless.


The latest standard Bluetooth wireless connection, 1-touch NFC support, comes with a 3.5mm jack port to connect to non-bluetooth devices. The buttons to manipulate Volume up, volume down, multi-function button are easy and compatible with Androis vs IOS operating system. Bose Connect app integration for easy management and interaction.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Headphones bose

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The Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 deliver everything you’d expect – and things you never imagined possible. Consider that these are smart headphones that can help you navigate a new world with easy access by virtual assistants.


Or you can make calls with confidence with the powerful microphone system. Add to that Bose AR virtual reality technology, the first virtual reality audio technology platform to bring completely new audio experiences.


Bose Headphones 700 have 4 built-in microphones that work in sync to separate your conversation sounds from ambient noise. You’ll hear more clearly and so will your interlocutor, even when you’re in noisy places.


The Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 are optimized for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can choose the virtual assistant that’s right for you in the Bose Music app. To activate the virtual assistant, simply press a button on the right headset.


Thanks to automatic EQ and impressive bass, Bose Headphones 700 can truly give you a true and immersive music experience at any volume level. Whether you’re listening at low or high volume, your music will be just as beautiful.

Bose QuietComfort 35

Headphones bose

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Whether in a coffee shop full of sounds, at a construction site or “hiding” in the car, Bose Quiet Comfort 35 can help you escape up to 70-80% of the noise of “employees“. Good finishing, smooth wearing feeling, soundproofing when wearing and active noise canceling function works quite effectively, combined with stable wireless connection, quite a distance are extremely possible sensing points. my opinion on QC35.


With the right price, if you accept the characteristics such as long wearing, hot and not great sound, not really good bass, then perhaps, this is the best noise canceling headset that I have ever tested so far. present.


Headphones Bose has always left a pretty distinctive mark in their design language, from speakers of all sizes to their full-size or in-ear headphones. We have 2 color options, black and silver, 2 colors that are quite easy to coordinate with outfits and almost a pattern in Bose’s use of color.


To ensure light weight, the company said that many parts of the headset, including the headband, housing shell, … are made of plastic. Of course, the plastic does not feel premium and sturdy when held, but in return, the weight when used is quite light, only about 235 grams in the entire headset.

Pick For The Best

For people who often use computers, headsets are very necessary, right? There are many people in the world who choose Bose headphones as their top choice. Also because the outstanding advantage of this headset is super effective noise cancellation, bringing impressive sound quality. In addition, there are many other smart features that are rarely surpassed by competitors.


Try using and feel the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700. They will really impress you with all the functions!

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