🥇Top 5 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – Most Popular 2021

In order to give you a list of the top 5 best wireless bluetooth earbuds for you, we searched over 120 different wireless earbuds. And here are the 5 best reviews we have! In fact, there are a variety of headphones that are good and affordable for everyone. But we hope to help you shorten your search time.


Surely everyone wants to own the best wireless bluetooth earbuds, because this design is youthful, dynamic and completely easy to carry with you at all times. The sound is not inferior to other high quality headphones. If you want to choose a quick buy, check out the summary below!

The following table has listed the 5 best wireless bluetooth earbuds currently, you can buy right now:

Microsoft Surface Earbuds
Jabra Elite 85t
Powerbeats Pro
Bose QuietComfort
Apple AirPods Pro

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For the best overview, we will prioritize them from top to bottom. You can choose to buy faster. With only 5 best wireless bluetooth earbuds like this, you will be easier to compare instead of looking at more than 100 types of headphones, right.


Considering the Microsoft Surface headset, we think it is the best quality headset with good features. And it’s still important to rely on your budget!

Reviews Of 5 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Microsoft Surface Earbuds

Microsoft Surface Earbuds

Via Amazon

In general, the Surface Earbuds are well deserving of this best wireless bluetooth earbuds. Although the appearance of the Surface Earbuds is not considered perfect, and more special than other wireless headphones in the world. But you will like the other 2 strengths: Function and Sound.


The sound quality is relatively large, giving you a clear feel to the sound in a good music or movie. Diameter 25mm in-ear standards, and weighs only 7.2g. These numbers demonstrate comfort and safety as you continuously use the Surface Earbuds for many hours. Earphones always fit your ears.


The Surface Earbuds can be more functional than you’d expect from a wireless headset, because Bluetooth AptX and touch-sensitive controls are added, adding that the Microsoft hardware and software combine to make the ears This listening becomes more advanced than ever. The downside is that the Surface Earbuds don’t have ambient noise canceling for you, meaning that sometimes some noise will get into your ears.

Jabra Elite 85t

Jabra Elite 85t

Via Amazon

Jabra Elite Active 85t is designed with the buds outward quite similar to Apple’s design style, but that’s not all. It felt bulkier to wear it, but the Elite 85t still delivers impressive performance from great sound.


We think they’ve spent a lot of time improving the sound significantly thanks to a pair of built-in 12mm speakers, which are twice the size of the 75t version. Gives you a more balanced, deeper sound experience that gives you a depth to the music you love. The plus of these wireless headphones is that they can cancel out noise well, so you have your own space.


This is a pair of headphones loved by many people thanks to the best Bluetooth connection, we think it will become a strong competitor in the market. The battery life lasts relatively large, and Jabra also gives you special controls to help you quickly adapt to the music environment through a light touch. The rest depends on your choice!

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Powerbeats Pro

Via Amazon

If you are looking for a best wireless bluetooth earbuds, you can think of Beats Powerbeats Pro, although the design looks a bit bulky, but this is also said to be the difference of Beats, thanks to this strap you can avoid the Falling the headphones to the ground, intense activity also does not have to worry, because the headphones are quite smooth without causing pain in your ears.


If you are a loyal Apple fan, Beats Powerbeats Pro is definitely necessary, thanks to the support of Apple’s H1 chip, you can connect to your phone more easily and quickly. In addition, you get support from the virtual assistant like an Apple device, just put on your headphones and say “Hey Siri“.


The Beats Powerbeats Pro have great quality sound, stimulating the volume at bass level. You will love these headphones more easily thanks to the battery life and not much expensive price. The rest depends on your choice (there are more than 3 colors for you to choose your personality).

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Bose QuietComfort

Via Amazon

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are considered a step forward for Bose. The design has been much improved, the ability to hold the headphones inside your ears is also quieter, although the size is a bit large but that’s not a big deal, you can wear them comfortably without feeling, uncomfortable.


Bose headphones are rated as the most effective wireless headphones in the world, featuring 11 levels of active noise cancellation to help you enjoy music, podcasts or movies without compromise. Bose is appreciated by us for its lifelike sound.


Listening time lasts up to 20 hours. Bluetooth connectivity is simple and fast, you can operate within 30 feet, they are compatible with both IOS and Android. We think that if it weren’t for the bulky design, Bose would most likely have been the top priority in the Top 5 best wireless bluetooth earbuds.

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

Via Amazon

You will be surprised when Apple Airpods Pro is placed last in the best wireless bluetooth earbuds. Because the price is not light, and the suitability of this pair of headphones is judged by us to be more suitable for iOS than Android. With its classy design, Apple still qualifies for the top rating on the list.


The sound quality has certainly improved a lot, so you can enjoy pop music or watch programs with more powerful sound. Apple Airpods Pro lets you enjoy all your sound with realism and vividness.


However, with this design sometimes the wearer can also fall out. If price is not important to you, give these headphones a try!

Pick For The Best

Most of the time, our proposals are highly appreciated and loved in the nearest time. Prices will vary slightly from time to time. If you’ve found the best wireless bluetooth earbuds in this list yourself or know that there’s a better wireless headset. Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know that.


It’s a pleasure to be able to help you find a good pair of wireless headphones to use. If you’re still in doubt, try using the Surface Earbuds or Bose QuietComfort Earbuds.


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