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It is common for the elderly that sometimes they will not be able to hear the sound coming out of the TV clearly even though the volume is turned on. This affects people around and even viewers are not sure what TV content is being transmitted. We will help you synthesize the best TV headphones for seniors, to improve that.

The following table has listed the 5 best tv headphones for seniors currently, you can buy right now:

Clarity TL200
Artiste ADH300
Avantree Audition Pro
Mpow 059

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Here is a list of 5 best TV headphones for seniors you should buy for your family members, besides there are other wireless headphones that are suitable for you here, all suitable for each environment like watching movies, listening to music, conversations, traveling… You will definitely love them!


For the fastest possible purchase, the Clarity TL200 Wireless TV listener is our recommendation. Most of the older people use and love this headset, it is always good for their hearing. You can consult the price by clicking the button.

Reviews Of Best Tv Headphones For Seniors

Clarity TL200 Wireless TV listener

Clarity TL200

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Clarity headphones have spent 50 years improving hearing for the elderly, we have researched and included it in this list of best tv headphones for seniors. You will be satisfied with what Clarity will help your family member, amplifying sound is its advantage, this helps the deaf to hear more clearly about the desired sound.


In addition to supporting like a hearing aid, Clarity as a companion helps to connect you with family members, easily exchange and share more comfortably. Soft ear pads can block other sounds, making them more comfortable to wear all day long.


Fast Bluetooth connection, comes with some other supportive devices. Clarity can sync connection with 2 parallel devices like TV or your phone, help avoid missing any calls. The volume controls are located next to the ears, easy to adjust according to your wishes.


The headset itself has a rechargeable battery and the device comes with 2 sets of power cords. One is for the base and the other is for the headset. No charging dock like other models. It should be plugged in, so make sure you set aside a place to plug them in every night.


Artiste ADH300

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Ranked 2 in the list of best tv headphones for seniors is ARTISTE headphones, a modern wireless design, with an adjustable headband that fits your head, along with padding on the ears. maximum comfort. You can rest assured if your ears are thin, the ARTISTE headphones have quite soft cushioning.


ARTISTE is known as the best TV viewing earphones, they can be used for regular TV, pairing is also quite easy. It only takes a few minutes to operate the connection. The sound is accurate, clear, and deep bass, and we are completely satisfied with the sound of ARTISTE headphones.


For older people who often use phones, tablets, and movies, ARTISTE is really quite suitable, because they are compatible with most of these devices, their resistance to interference is also good. Up to 20 hours of use, with affordable prices. We think it would be right to choose these headphones! There is a slight downside that it will take you a long time to charge the ARTISTE, but I don’t think this is a big deal.

Avantree Audition Pro 40

Avantree Audition Pro

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For a better listening experience or watching TV with better quality, in the article best headphones for seniors. We have tested many times and appreciated the Avantree Audition Pro 40 headset. We quite like the design of this headset, the adjustable headband that fits better on your head, don’t worry if you fear it. Painful in the ear, Avantree Audition supports super soft pads, protecting your ears from external influences.


Another ideal option for watching TV at home is Avantree Audition enhances the bass a lot, the elderly can experience better sound, which is also a plus point of this headset. In addition, you can use it for other devices such as smartphones, computers for different purposes. Avantree Audition is a good headphone audio experience!


Time to use up to 40 hours, a big number. Enough to make you spend all day using it without worrying about running out of battery, they have the ability to pair themselves after the first installation. What again depends on your choice.

Cowin E7 Pro


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Next in the list of best tv headphones for seniors is the Cowin E7 Pro headset, not only suitable for the elderly, but COWIN E7 headphones also have a very good noise reduction ability, keeping the sound output at the highest level. The sound quality is improved a lot by COWIN E7, suitable for the elderly.


The premium protein-enhanced ear cushions design, you can wear all day long with no pain in your ears. And of course, it’s still better to remove them for 2-3 hours to give your ears a rest. Finally, these headphones can help you enjoy whatever sound you want for yourself.


COWIN E7 Pro is not only for the elderly, but also for everyone who wants substantial noise reduction and highest sound quality.



The E7 Pro has stable battery life with 30 hours of playtime in Bluetooth mode. The headphones will not power off due to the built-in 800mAh battery. Overall, these headphones are the perfect package for seniors who want one for their TV.

Mpow 059

Mpow 059

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The Mpow 059 has an easy-to-fold design, you can put it in your bag if you want to take it out. Or simply watch TV at home. The ear cushions simulate human skin structure, and you can wear them without feeling tight or painful in the ears.


The sound quality of the Mpow 059 headphones is also impressive, high fidelity sound. It is easy to be immersed in your own world of movies or music. The stable Bluetooth connection makes calls easy thanks to the built-in microphone, you can listen to hands-free calls up to 33 feet.


For long-term use, the Mpow 059 provides up to 20 hours of use. An additional 10 minutes of charging increases the enjoyment of music by 2 hours. The rest depends on your choice!

Pick For The Best

Are you still wondering which headphones to choose? After reviewing all the headphones based on both their design and performance, we think the Clarity TL200 Wireless TV listener are the most suitable choices for you.


If you know or find which wireless headset is better, please do let us know. Hope you will find best tv headphones for seniors for you.


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