🥇Top 5 Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Under 3000 – Reviews 2021

Before starting to dive into the evaluation of the best truly wireless earbuds under 3000, you must have used a lot of other headphones before, right? Mostly, headsets are often used for a variety of purposes such as listening to music, exchanging calls, lulling to sleep, playing games… However, each headset will have their own strengths. Stay tuned for our expert reviews to find the best wireless earbuds for you.

The following table has listed top 5 best truly wireless earbuds under 3000 currently, you can buy right now:

TaoTronics Bluetooth Soundliberty 97 best truly wireless earbuds under 3000
Jabra Elite 85t best truly wireless earbuds under 3000
SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro best truly wireless earbuds under 3000
Skullcandy Indy Evo best truly wireless earbuds under 3000
SENNHEISER CX 400BT best truly wireless earbuds under 3000

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If your budget is under 3,000, you can refer to the list of the best truly wireless earbuds under 3000 above. These headphones are always in the top search of users and are loved for a long time. You can shop quickly by clicking the button next to it.

Reviews Of Top 5 Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Under 3000

Taotronics Sound Liberty 97

TaoTronics Bluetooth Soundliberty 97 best truly wireless earbuds under 3000

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The Taotronics Sound Liberty 97 headphones deliver top-notch sound quality with built-in and high-fidelity peek+pu dynamic drivers. That’s why Taotronics headphones are mentioned in the list of best truly wireless earbuds under 3000. When used, it will deliver powerful bass that pushes the full range and transmits sound to your ears.


Taotronics Sound Liberty wireless headphones with cvc 8.0 active noise cancellation accurately detect ambient noise and counteract it with equivalent noise cancellation. Thus, your voice is clearly heard by another terminal without interference even in noisy environments.


Taotronics Sound Liberty headphones deliver up to 9 hours of music streaming on a single, ultra-fast charge. The charging case is quite pocket-sized and can quickly charge up to 29 hours of use. Fast charging technology on this headset is charged via a USB-C port that can quickly charge in 10 minutes for 2 hours.


In addition, with an ergonomic design that locks the Taotronics Sound Liberty wireless headphones properly distributing pressure, a highly sensitive touch sensor detects every touch to adjust volume and answer calls, so no Worry about your headphones falling out or hurting your ears, with 4 sizes of ear fins for you to choose from.

Jabra Elite 85t

Jabra Elite 85t best truly wireless earbuds under 3000

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The second recommendation on the list of best truly wireless earbuds under 3000 is the Jabra Elite 85T True Wireless Bluetooth headset with a stylish titanium black color, compact size, easy to put in a pocket or backpack to carry with you conveniently. Relax with music anywhere.


The headset is designed to fit tightly to help the headset grip firmly when worn, and comes with 2 additional pairs of ear cushions of different sizes to help you easily change to suit your ears. The kit includes a carrying case, headphones, a Type-C charging cable, and two pairs of silicone foam pads to change depending on the user’s ear size.


Active Noise Canceling technology – Active Noise Canceling will build a wall that separates all noise outside the headphones to help the music be presented at its best. However, you can still actively turn off this mode to communicate with people around without having to remove the headset.


It only takes you 2.5 hours to recharge the battery with the Type-C connector, you can use about 5.5 hours with noise canceling on and 7 hours with noise canceling off, about 25 hours with the charging case when using noise canceling and 31 hours when not using noise canceling.


In general, the Jabra Elite 85T True Wireless Bluetooth headset with outstanding connectivity, absolute noise cancellation, good sound quality promises to bring you the richest and best music world.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro best truly wireless earbuds under 3000

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro bluetooth wireless headset has an oval design, different from the rounded design on its predecessor. Coated with a glossy paint to help highlight the design of the headset more eye-catching, outstanding from any angle.


Ergonomic design with compact size, fits snugly to the user’s ears. Help you experience comfort and comfort all day long with the sound melody that Galaxy Buds Pro brings.


Samsung integrates the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Bluetooth headset with advanced ANC active noise cancellation technology. Helps filter out noise effectively so you can enjoy the best sound, receive text notifications and voice calls


Enjoy engaging, vibrant sound on Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro wireless headphones thanks to the perfect combination of 12mm drivers tuned by AKG. The sound quality is always bright and true.


The voice receiver senses movement from the user’s jawbone. From there, it converts to a voice signal to improve sound quality, even when making voice calls in a noisy environment.


The software has an easy-to-see interface, providing information about the headset, the battery life of the 2 headphones and the charging box, automatically upgrading when there are updates. The Bluetooth Info Sync feature allows for seamless switching between devices.

Skullcandy Indy Evo

Skullcandy Indy Evo best truly wireless earbuds under 3000

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Skullcandy is a very popular line of bluetooth headphones in many countries from the US with a strong sound configuration and good product perfection. Now, after 1 year of launching true wireless headphones, the company has improved from Skullcandy Indy and Sesh models to higher models with more features.


Skullcandy Indy Evo True Wireless headphones are quite similar to the original Indy life, both stylish, and have a strong, strong aesthetic. About the size of Indy Evo has been more optimized, reduced to about 20-30%. When you hold it in your hand, you will see the slimness of this Evo.


The charging box of the Skullcandy Indy Evo True Wireless is basically shrunk down compared to the original Indy, clamshell opening and closing, easy to open and close with just one hand. The front of the charging box has the Skullcandy logo printed in the middle of the charging box, and is equipped with an LED strip on the front so you can easily check the remaining battery percentage on the charging dock.


You can automatically switch seamlessly, used with any R or L ear depending on each person’s preference.


The need to play sports is quite common among young people today, Indy Evo can reach IP55 waterproof standard. Practicing sports in all harsher environments has been easy, gymers or athletes will comfortably practice tirelessly.


According to Skullcandy, Indy Evo offers up to 6 hours of talk time and 24 hours of charging dock, so we have about 30 hours of comfortable music all week.


SENNHEISER CX 400BT best truly wireless earbuds under 3000

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Following the success of the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2, the German audio company has launched a shortened version with a compact square design that is the CX 400BT True Wireless.


The charging dock is also made of rough plastic, the hinge is solid, creating a sense of security, the charging box lid has a shiny Logo. There are grooves around the edge of the lid for easy manipulation when opening. Inside there is a very strong magnet to the headset, so there is no fear of falling.


The Sennheiser CX400BT uses Bluetooth 5.1 for more stable signal transmission with codec standards with aptX, AAC, SBC. The headset connects well with many mobile devices and popular sources on the market with bluetooth 4.0 or higher standard.


The headset is not completely independent, and there is a primary and secondary side. The R side is the main and has a microphone, the L side is a secondary without a Microphone, so those who listen to calls a lot and like to use one ear will still be able to use the R side normally.


Smart Control (available on iOS / Android) is a smart application that supports many interesting features such as customizing the sound quality through the EQ (Equalizer – equalizer) to adjust the sound of many different types of music. After setting up on the app, the customizations will be updated to the headset immediately.


The battery life of CX 400 BT is only 6.5h + 13.5h charging case = 20h total (7.5h less than Momentum TWS2 is 21 hours). Compared to other headphones in the same price range, the CX 400BT’s battery life is enough for a few days.


Very easy to listen to, everything is just right, not too much, not too much, comfortably balanced in all frequency bands. Bass has power and depth, Mid and Treble are both very clear and separate, no sound comes out even at the highest volume without distortion.

Pick For The Best

These are the lists of our recommendations for the best pairs of bluetooth earbuds you can buy and use for a long time. They all rank highly in terms of searches. You can easily see these headphones on the road or your loved ones use them. If still hesitating try using SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro.


In terms of connectivity, sound quality,… This headset has been rated well in recent months. Hopefully, you will have the best experience. If you find a better headset, leave a comment below and share it with us!

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