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Here is a list of our best noise isolating earbuds in 2021 that have compiled and evaluated over 100 different noise-canceling headphones. We understand that an effective noise-canceling headset will give you a lot of meaning, easily concentrate on work, listen to good music without being disturbed by outside noise … and ridiculous. Another reason for you to want the best noise-canceling headphones!


In fact, it will be very difficult to find such a headset, because the headphone market today has so many types that make it difficult to find, so this is the reason we compiled this list. Take a moment to read!

The following table has listed top 5 best noise isolating earbuds currently, you can buy right now:

Bose QuietComfort Noise
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2
Apple AirPods Pro
Sony WF-SP800N
Libratone Track Air

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For you to shop more quickly, here is a quick list of our top 5 best noise isolating earbuds, you can easily choose to buy by clicking the button beside. These recommendations surpass over 100 other noise-canceling headphones in terms of design, noise canceling, battery life, and more to make it easy to enjoy your own space.

Reviews Of Top 5 Best Noise Isolating Earbuds

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Bose QuietComfort Noise

Via Amazon

In our list of best noise isolating earbuds we can’t ignore the Bose QuietComfort headphones, which has been praised by many critics. Bose is really great noise canceling headphones, quite a lot of people love today. This can be seen as Bose’s victory in the audio market.


In terms of design, Bose retains a dynamic and youthful style, you can wear all day for workouts or work because Bose is resistant to sweat and weather, this is an advantage that cannot be ignored. by. We found that the sound of Bose conveys a much fuller, deeper sound, the ear cushions do not feel itchy or uncomfortable, you can wear them all day long and still feel comfortable.


Bose QuietComfort headphones are worthy of your shopping goals, compared to what they do, price is not a big deal anymore, battery life lasts up to 18 hours, but not so impressive. But Bose’s noise canceling is excellent, you can adjust the noise cancellation in the app Bose provides.


Overall, these headphones did not disappoint us, as their impressive noise canceling was superior. Bose easily became a top competitor for this ability. The rest depends on your choice.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Via Amazon

Next on our list of best noise isolating earbuds is the Sennheiser Momemtum True Wireless 2 headset suggestion. You must have heard or seen pictures of this headset before, many users own it. . A design with premium materials and fashion is the first look we notice from this headset.


Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 supports an included carrying case, helping to limit dust or scratches on the headset. A pretty nice box that secures your headphones, can be easily pocketed and carried anywhere, you’ll be impressed by Sennheiser’s noise canceling, completely keeping you separate from the party environment. in music without any distraction.


Battery life is up to 28 hours, of course thanks to the included charging box that always has backup batteries for you. Support continuous use and worry free about battery. However, the price is a bit higher, the rest depends on your choice!

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

Via Amazon

It can be said that Apple invented the headset that competes with the current market, many competitors have to be wary of Apple AirPods Pro headphones. With a long design and white color, this headset is welcomed by a lot of people not only for its appearance.


The first thing is that Apple’s noise canceling remains at its best compared to other conventional headphones. This is why we put it on our list of best noise isolating earbuds, in addition to the good noise cancellation Apple Airpods pro also adds the advantage of intelligent voice control Siri on mobile devices.


However, the battery life lasted 5 hours, and with the included charging case 19 hours. Not the most impressive number, there is a little trick that you can wear one headset and keep one headset for use when the other runs out of battery. Compared to the convenience included, the price is not too high, we find this is a really good headset!

Sony WF-SP800N

Sony WF-SP800N

Via Amazon

We are quite impressed with the styling of the Sony WF-SP800N headset, it is quite new and modern. Surely there will be many people who love this design, Sony has spent a lot of time perfecting many wireless headphones, and they have really done well by consistently making impressive, hot products. small on the market.


Soft ear cushions help you wear more comfortably when exercising all day long without pain or discomfort in the ears. Absolutely active noise cancellation, keeping you focused on difficult or easy exercises without the fear of being disturbed by outside noise.


The battery life of the Sony WF-SP800N is still slightly higher than the Apple Aipods Pro, which lasts 18 hours of use. Vivid sound is what we get when we use it. Sony offers 3 different colors for you to easily choose according to your favorite color.

Libratone Track Air+

Libratone Track Air

Via Amazon

The final hint on our list of best noise isolating earbuds in 2021 is the Libratone Track Air + headset. This will be a good value for money headset, with Danish design style, the sound is really outstanding. You will be completely immersed in your own world.


The advantage remains that Libratone’s intelligent noise cancellation technology automatically adjusts the noise cancellation level to match the surrounding field. This creates a lot of heat, many people are ready to spend money to own this headset quickly, you can enjoy music or listen to phone calls easily.


Libratone IPX4 sweatproof is quite good, suitable for outdoor sports and still easy to control the headset, the double tap functions in Libratone application support maximum for users. The rest depends on your choice!

Pick For The Best

These are our best noise esolating earbuds recommendations that we have reviewed, with their best noise canceling advantages and a crush on many. These are the 5 headphones we found with quite a high competitive potential, if you are still wondering. Consider the Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling Earbuds, which is not a bad choice, excellent noise cancellation and long day-to-day use. Allows you to enjoy your own space without being distracted by your surroundings.


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