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In the last few posts, keep an eye on the comments that come in and I’ve collected yours. Looking for Classic In-Ear Headphones? Rest assured, I have searched and compiled the 5 best classic earbuds of 2021 with the best sound quality for you.


You will just need to read all and choose for yourself the one that suits you best, of course you also need to spend a little money to buy this classic headset to use. 


Earbuds are in-ear headphones but do not have a tube that goes deep into the ear, the driver can stick to the ear. Compared with in-ear headphones, the design of the driver or driver has a rather compact and elongated conduit, which easily penetrates deep into the ear canal to transmit sound to the eardrum faster.

How to wear earbud headphones properly

According to statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), there are currently more than 1 billion people aged 12-35 in the world who are at risk of hearing health problems due to listening to loud and continuous music on devices. mobile. In Vietnam, the number of young people going to the doctor for hearing-related diseases has also increased in recent years.


So to help keep your ears healthy, when using headphones to listen to music or watch movies, you should follow the 60-60 rule: the volume does not exceed 60%, the time of continuous use of headphones does not exceed 60 minutes. This is also how to use wireless headphones properly.

Quick Comparison: Top 5 Best Classic Earbuds In 2021

The following table has listed the 5 best classic earbuds in 2021 currently, you can buy right now:

Master Dynamic MW07
Sabbat 2020 Upgraded
Duet 50 Pro
GOKOCO Enhanced

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If you are looking for the best classic in-ear headphones. I have helped you summarize the list in the table above. You can click to see the price of each product more quickly. Some people still choose to stick with Clip on headphones, some love headphones with good asmr sound… However, you are missing out on other classic headphones!


Classic headphones, like other headphones, range in price from high to low. If you have enough budget, you can choose to buy headphones first. In fourth and fifth places, the budget is much lower, and if that’s not enough to choose from, you can read more reviews of the 5 best classic in-ear headphones of 2021 below.

Reviews Of 5 Best Classic Earbuds In 2021

Master & Dynamic MW07

Master Dynamic MW07

Via Amazon

Master & Dynamic is a large audio technology company headquartered in New York. And the Master & Dynamic MW07 is a product that boasts many groundbreaking features. Get ready to beat two lines of noise canceling headphones from Sony WF-1000XM3 and Apple Airpods Pro.


From the stainless steel charging case to the hand-crafted Acetate finishing, an emphasis on Master & Dynamic’s fine exterior design.


Dynamic MW07 is very popular with people who travel by car, train, plane, bus, or other types of transportation. Because these headphones will help eliminate noises around you, making the trip quieter and more comfortable.


In addition, people who play sports regularly practice this headset’s favorite. These IPX5 waterproof earbuds are good at waterproof and sweat-proof.


To pair the MW07 Plus earbuds with the phone, you have to remove both earphones from the case and wait for the LED indicator on each earbud to go off. Then open the Bluetooth phone settings and choose whether to use the left or right earplugs. If you encounter connection problems, reset the headphones by holding the volume down button (left ear button) and the multifunction button (right ear button) until the LED light starts to fade.


MW07 Plus has outstanding battery life for noise-canceling headphones, outperforming Apple AirPods Pro that last up to 35 hours of use with music.. If you’re someone who values fashion and sound quality, yes, the Master & Dynamic MW07 is well worth the money.

RAZER Hammerhead

Via Amazon

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds are wireless earbuds with an ultra-low input lag of 60ms, the sound will sync with the device and never stutter, providing a great music experience.

Designed for wireless headphones ideal for people with an active lifestyle, you can practice to your favorite tunes and can freely wear headphones while participating in outdoor activities.


The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds dynamic driver is optimized to provide a quality listening experience, delivering crisp trebles and deep bass.


The touch interface on the headset has functions such as play, pause or change music, manage calls, activate Voice Assistant functions for the phone.


Bluetooth headset with a battery life of up to 16 hours.


Automatically connect Bluetooth with the last paired device easily, no need for many operations.


If you are in need of the best classic earbud in terms of audio experience then the Razer Hammerhead is not a bad choice. However, during use, the headset is still quite easy to fall out due to the long design.

Sabbat 2020 Upgraded

Sabbat 2020 Upgraded

Via Amazon

After reviewing the best classic earbuds in 2020 I think the Sabbat 2020 Upgraded still fits listed in this article. Still the same old design, but you will have more choice of colors. This unique arc-shaped design fits your ear a lot better, you can wear it without fear of falling out during vigorous exercise such as running, yoga, …


In terms of audio Sabbat has equipped with the most advanced Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chipset. This makes the quality of music sound deeper and sharper than before. If you think you’re watching a 3D sci-fi movie then Sabbat might do the best.


Sabbat also syncs more with your phone, as long as you take them out of the box and start using them. With smart mode, this Sabbat will automatically power off every time you put it back in the box.


Reasonable battery life at 6-8 hours. This is not my favorite number but will suit a few people. The rest depends on your choice.

Duet 50 Pro

Duet 50 Pro

Via Amazon

It would be a pity to skip this Duet 50 Pro headset. The beetle design holds your ears all day without discomfort or pain at all. In addition, this headset also eats points in size, it has many different sizes applicable to various small to large ears. So you won’t have to worry about size with this Duet 50 Pro.


I did a little survey with ten people using these Duet 50 Pro classic headphones. As a result, they all responded to the same clear and natural tone when used. Unlike other headphones, the Duet 50 Pro has a much more dynamic sound. The microphone allows you to comfortably make phone calls, you can call with two headphones at the same time.


If the AirPods have 24 hours of battery life then the Duet 50 Pro lasts up to 130 hours of use. Enough battery so you can listen to music all day! If you use it for intense activity, it is not easy to beat the Duet 50 Pro because of its IPX-5 rated sweat-resistant nano-coating.


The charging box contains up to 2600 mAh batteries that you can use as a power bank for other devices. No need to support too much just plug the adapter cable into the case and use the charger for both iPhone or Android. Although listed in the Top 5 best classic earbuds, the Duet 50 Pro is not too expensive. The rest depends on your choice.

GOKOCO Enhanced

GOKOCO Enhanced

Via Amazon

GOKOCO Enhanced HEADPHONES has five colors to choose from. The long design looks like an anchor hanging from your ears. It looks quite eye-catching and unique.


GOKOCO has an audio boost of up to 50%, increasing your chances of enjoying better music than ever before. With the noise isolation chip, GOKOCO headphones make a new experience of calls clearer, the sound quality is also much better. If you used to listen to music, playing games or podcasts is very suitable.


About Bluetooth connection, V5.0 can be said that the transfer speed is 2 times faster, more stable without losing signal or canceling unfinished music. You don’t have to worry about any sudden pauses during use. GOKONO headsets also give you smarter control that can playback the previous song, assist voice assistant, answer or reject calls intelligently.


However, it seems that the battery life of this GOKOCO is quite small. Only up to 4.5 hours of use


If you are someone who likes to use tips on headphones quickly, you can choose this headset. There are 3 sizes for you to use comfortably.

Pick For The Best

Through a detailed review of the headphones inside this article, we think that you can find the most suitable headphones, right? Master & Dynamic MW07 or Duet 50 Pro is not a bad choice at all.

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Criteria for choosing earbud headphones to listen to good music and protect hearing

1. Compatibility with music playback devices

The first thing when deciding to buy an earbud headset is compatibility with electronic devices. Most current earbud products are manufactured with wireless technology (True Wireless headphones) and connect by Bluetooth. So you can be completely assured of the compatibility of True Wireless earbud headphones that can connect with most iOS or Android phone and computer devices.


2. Compact, many styles, comfortable to wear

Earbuds are usually very small in size, the sound generator is designed to fit in the ear cavity, mounted inside the ear. In addition, the product models of the headphone line are also very diverse with music-supporting technologies such as noise-canceling earbud headphones, meeting the needs of all customers. Therefore, you should choose a product that feels light and comfortable to wear for many hours. Some types of headphones often cause users pain and discomfort. But the Yamaha earbud headphones are quite comfortable and flexible, not causing trouble for the wearer.


3. Equipped with many smart features

In addition to listening to music, an earbud headset also needs additional features to support your daily tasks. Yamaha earbud headphones are equipped with a lot of smart features to help serve the life and work of users such as support for Google Assistant, Siri virtual assistant that allows you to make voice calls and control your music playlist. you in a very simple way.


4. Preserving earbud headphones in the rainy season

When buying earbud headphones, you should also choose headphones with good water resistance, especially for the weather during the rainy and stormy season in Vietnam. A waterproof earbud product will help you avoid short-circuited headphones and unstable sound quality when used in all weather conditions. With the TW-E3A you can rest assured with impressive IPX5 water resistance.


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