The best headset for CS GO used by gamers

When it comes to highly competitive esports games like CS:GO, or FPS (first-person shooter) games, owning a best headset for CS GO is a must.


To overcome the above problems with sound, one can use speakers or headphones. While speakers are better for filling a large space when experiencing games and movies with friends, headphones are superior for personal use. Chung provides a better sound and can immerse us more in the world of the game.

When it comes to highly competitive esport games like CS:GO, good headphones are a must. In FPS games (first-person shooter) the keyboard is likened to the character’s legs, the mouse is the arm, and the headset is a very important factor not only about the gaming experience but it It is also likened to the character’s brain. You can take advantage of the fact of finding out the direction of the opponent’s movement or the sound of the enemy’s bullet changing to take advantage of the enemy’s mistakes and punish them. The problem of communication in the game is also an important issue, to succeed you need to have teamwork, in the game 5 vs 5 communication is the problem that leads to 50% of the victory of the whole match. In online games not only FPS games to be successful you need to have an open personality and communicate with teammates to convey important information in the game.

Headsets for CS GO are headsets designed to give you the best gaming experience.

What headset do CSGO players use?

We tried out the B530 headphones on one side, which is interesting as they still sound really good. After taking the headset out of the case, the headset will automatically pair with your smart device, the LED light blinks continuously to indicate the connection.


Note that you have turned on Bluetooth on your phone so they can pair with each other. The pairing name is “Tranya B530“, please press select. Once successful, the LED will stop flashing. You can listen to music now! You see simple is not it, this headset can pair even laptops, TVs. Once paired they will memorize all these devices for the next pairing.


Oleksandr Kostyliev better known as S1mple, is a professional CSGO player from Ukraine. He is currently playing for the Natus Vincere team or is known by many gamers as the Navi clan.

In his clim rank streams, S1mple often uses and trusts the HyperX Cloud II Headsets headset.


Marrcelo Augusto David, better known as Coldzera, is a CSGO Brazilian professional eSport player who currently plays for the faze clan team.

The headset used by coldzera in both online tournaments and streams to communicate with his fans is the Sennheiser GAME ZERO Gaming Headset.


Nikola Kovač, known by his nickname NiKo in the game, is a Bosnian professional Counter-Strike. He has been known as a pro player since early versions before the release of csgo like 1.6 and Css . Currently he is on the payroll of FaZe Clan.

The headset that Niko trusts to use to play CSGo is the HyperX Cloud II Headsets.

4.Kenny WILL

Kenny Schrub, better known as kennyS, is a professional French Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player currently playing for G2 Esports. He is known as the ‘grandfather’ because of his beautiful gameplay and world-class AWP processing.

The headset used by KennyS in his onlan sessions is the HyperX Cloud II Headsets.

5.Team SK Gaming

The headset that SK Gaming team believes in are the headsets from Razer.

The best headset for CS GO

Kingston HyperX Cloud 2 Gaming Black Headset (KHX-HSCP-GM)


Cloud 2 version with 7.1 . surround sound emulation technology

Use the Soundcard 7.1, just plug and play

No need for driver adjustment

Rugged design, comfortable wearing for many hours

Bright, detailed sound quality, suitable for competitive games ESPORTS

Microphone can be conveniently disassembled

Recommended by professional CS:GO gamers

Outstanding Features:

Full function volume control:

Easily activate 7.1 audio emulation with just one button on the volume control. In addition, it also integrates a soundcard that makes the volume control buttons work for a long time.

Emulate 7.1 . surround sound:

The 7.1 surround sound emulation technology is built into the headset, reproducing the surround sound quite realistically in the game.

*Note that it only works well with games that support 7.1 . surround sound

Excellent sound quality:

HyperX Cloud 2 with up to 53mm driver delivers high-quality highs with very good detail. Especially working great when playing first-person shooter titles, specifically CSGO.

Detachable microphone and good noise cancellation:

Removable when not in use and equipped with effective noise cancellation. Its noise cancellation is so great that it is considered the best earbuds for ASMR.

Sennheiser G4me Zeroa(KHX-HSCP-GM)


In addition to being known for high-quality audio headphones, for a high-end and impressive sound quality, German audio company – Sennheiser is also known to users for high-quality Gaming Gears products. One of them is the high-end Sennheiser G4ME ZERO gaming headset that gives users great experiences.

Sennheiser G4ME ZERO has a very powerful design:

The headset has a large, bunker structure with many outstanding contour details, making the headset really attractive. Earcup of Sennheiser G4ME ZERO is made with an elongated form, best suited to the wearer’s ear shape, on the earcup surface, we will have ribbed details that make the headset really strong, connected Matching the border with contrasting colors makes the headset even more outstanding.

Wearing experience

According to many reviews, Sennheiser G4ME ZERO offers a really comfortable, smooth and comfortable wearing feeling, the earpad cushions combined with the headband cushion combine to create a very good experience, wearing for a long time will No feeling of lump and pain. Along with that is a very reasonable arrangement of components on the headset, the voice mic will be placed on the left side, which can be folded and stretched easily, and at the same time is a knob for you to turn off the mic. when needed. On the right ear, we will have one more knob with the volume up and down function, which is best for the user. Sennheiser G4ME ZERO’s cable will be attached to the headset, not removable like many other products, the 3.5mm jack part of Sennheiser G4ME ZERO will be separated into two separate plugs, mic and audio heads, it helps ensure the best quality while also easily syncing with many professional gaming PC models.

Special Features

Sennheiser G4ME ZERO is highly appreciated and strongly developed features related to conversation as well as in-game sound reproduction. Sennheiser G4ME ZERO’s mic has the ability to filter noise, giving the headset the best conversation quality, accurately recording your communications. Inside Sennheiser G4ME ZERO will be 2 transducers that have been researched in Sennheiser’s laboratory in Germany, to optimize and provide accurate in-game sound reproduction, whatever game you are playing. play. The headset is considered to have an extremely good soundstage, high detail along with strong bass, very suitable for gamers, and also helps you to experience vibrant young music easily. easy.

Hopefully with the above information you will choose The best headset for CS GO that suits your price


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