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Looking for the best headphones like airpods? Airpods are known for their flexible design, close to most of today’s smart operating systems. Headphonesay will help you compile a list of ideal headphones like airpods in this article!

The following table has listed headphones like airpods currently, you can buy right now:

headphones like airpods
headphones like airpods
headphones like airpods
headphones like airpods
headphones like airpods

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Above is a quick list of headphones like airpods you can choose to buy quickly, they have many advantages and are loved by many people for a long time. You can choose according to your needs.


Most of them have a rather classic design. If you’re as passionate about this design as we are, check out the best classic earbuds!

Reviews Of Headphones Like Airpods

Jabra Elite Active 75t

headphones like airpods

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To maximize the weight, as well as for the best durability and water resistance, the Jabra Elite Active 75T bluetooth headset has a non-slip textured plastic design. With the Jabra logo subtly placed, it gives the overall look the most luxurious, high-class and most especially the ability to resist paint peeling quite well.


To increase the durability and high adaptability of the Jabra Elite Active 75T to a variety of environments. Jabra has added an IP57 water resistance standard, which protects its headphones in the most standard way without worrying about them being damaged or shorted due to water. Along with that, you can feel more secure when walking in the rain or sweat.


Along with that, the small or medium-sized ears are very attentively taken care of by the manufacturer. Jabra also offers a set of headphone tips of all sizes from S, M to L, making it easy for you to find a suitable set of tips and create the most comfortable feeling for melodious music.


In addition, you also have an included charging case that has a rechargeable battery life for the headset up to 28 hours. In addition, the headset also supports fast charging, with 15 minutes of charging for 1 hour of use. From now on, you can rest assured that the Jabra Elite Active 75T headset will help accompany you on every workout or enjoy long music without bothering to plug in the charger regularly.

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

headphones like airpods

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Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 has a simple and neat design, elongated like a bullet, this design is similar to the first True-wireless, its drawback is that when pressed, the headset will be pressed on the ear a bit. If the button is hard, fortunately the Melomania 1 has a rather soft and smooth button.


In fact, the bullet design of Melomania 1 is not new, there are also many brands using this design such as Erato Verse, Appolo 7/7s, the drawback is that it makes the feeling of wearing will make many brothers uncomfortable. very, the eartip part fits the ear canal, but the outer housing is quite difficult to fit.


Fortunately, each earbud has a weight of only 4.6g, does not cause heavy ears or a feeling of sagging when worn. Melomania 1 is also IPX5 certified for resistance to sweat and light rains.


The battery life of the headphones is excellent: 9 hours from the earbud and 36 hours from the case, a total of nearly 45 hours. In this regard, the Melomania 1 is much better than other true-wireless headphones of the same price, or even more expensive than it.

Sony WF-1000XM4

headphones like airpods

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One more headphone like airpods recommendation is the Sony WF-1000XM4 headphones. The ear cups are designed to fit many hands to help grip you firmly when wearing and moving, the headset is manufactured with recycled materials that contribute to environmental protection. The ear cushions are made of unique polyurethane foam, Eliminates the gap between the headset and the ear for effective noise cancellation but still ensures a comfortable wearing.


The Sony WF-1000XM4 is the world’s first true wireless earbuds that support Hi-Res audio thanks to LDAC technology. LDAC has an audio data transfer rate approximately three times faster (990 kbps) than regular Bluetooth audio, allowing you to enjoy audio quality as delivered via wired headphones.


Sony headphones are equipped with a V1 chip that improves active noise cancellation and reduces noise effectively by 40% compared to the previous version. The front and back of each side of the WF-1000XM4 headset are equipped with dual noise-canceling microphones, which will receive and analyze to conduct effective noise cancellation without causing distortion.


This True Wireless Bluetooth headset has a continuous music time of 8 hours when noise canceling is on, and without noise canceling, the usage time will be extended for 12 hours. The charging case can fully charge the headset twice and supports Qi wireless charging. In addition, it also supports fast charging, you only need to charge for 5 minutes to be able to listen for 60 minutes.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro

headphones like airpods

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In the list of headphones like airpods. The Galaxy Buds Pro headphones have an oval-like design that is different from the old headphone design. The glossy finish makes them more attractive and stands out from the crowd.


Advanced ANC active noise canceling headphones are built into the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphones. Helps filter out background noise effectively so you can enjoy the best sound, receive text notifications and voice calls.


Enjoy engaging, vibrant sound on Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro wireless headphones thanks to the perfect combination of 12nm drivers tuned by AKG. In addition, the large driver and bass tube enhance the sound at lower frequencies, for loud and resonant sound. Enhance the quality of music that is listening in the auditorium.


Built-in 61Mah battery on each headset and 472mAh on the charging case. Galaxy Buds Pro offers an impressive use time of up to 5 hours and 20 hours with the included charging case. Gives you the freedom to continue working and playing without worrying about being interrupted by battery problems on the headset.


headphones like airpods

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The CX 400BT True Wireless was born almost at the finish line with: Momentum True Wireless 2’s 7mm driver, 20-hour battery life, The latest Bluetooth 5.1 supports fast and powerful connection, the touch control button to support you is placed on either side of the ear.


Sennheiser CX 400BT True Wireless has a charging box made from plastic, compact size, unobtrusive pocket. The charging box uses a convenient USB-C jack. The total battery life of the headset and the charging case is 20 hours (7 on the headset and 13 in the box).


The microphone of the CX400BT True Wireless is designed by Sennheiser according to its specialized microphone models to provide good and clear conversational performance. This microphone also has the function of reducing noise from the outside environment, only capturing the voice of the speaker is the clearest.


The headphones stick to the ears quite well, wear comfortably for 2 hours of listening to music without pain or pain in the cartilage inside the ear. As for the sound, when unboxing the CX 400BT True Wireless, it is very clear that it is a headset for those who require high-quality sound with a sweet, warm, easy-to-listen midrange and slightly backward. slightly behind the 2 bass and treble bands. They deserve a mention in headphones like airpods.

Pick For The Best

In the list of headphones like airpods, the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 headphones are highly appreciated by us for: investment budget, sound quality, connectivity and design. They are highly rated on Amazon and a lot of people love them lately. You can choose them as “companions“.


We hope that this article of ours can help you in your shopping process. Leave a comment/review below if you have new ideas for headphones like airpods!

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