Sony whrf400 rf wireless headphones review

If you need a device to hear the sound clearly when watching a movie, or listening to a live concert on TV without using a speaker stand, the Sony whrf400 rf wireless headphones are a great choice.


They feature an over-ear design for comfort and RF connectivity for wireless convenience. Sony whrf400 rf wireless headphones has a black tone, the outer shell is made of high-quality plastic, so it looks very strong and sturdy. The two sides of the headset are equipped with high-quality earpads to help create a comfortable feeling when wearing and passively limit outside noise.

We can easily increase or decrease the volume or easily pair with the TV with convenient physical buttons on the side of the headset.

Special features and technologies of Sony whrf400 rf wireless headphones

Built-In Noise Reduction:

A built-in noise reduction system is engineered to give you clearer sound by blocking interference from other nearby electronic devices.


Voice Mode:

When activated, Voice Mode is designed to make the dialogue in your TV shows and movies clearer and more easily understood. To activate it, simply press the Voice Mode button.

Additional Features:

Built-in headphone jack and included audio cable for wired connections

Built-in volume controls.

In my opinion, after using the Sony whrf400 rf wireless headphones, you’ll be immersed in the action with these wireless, noise-reducing home theater headphones. High-quality audio from large drivers and 150 feet (45 m) range for optimal performance. Enjoy crystal clear voice in your favorite shows and movies with uninterrupted voice mode with 20 hours of battery life.  

Especially, a rack (Dock) can connect Wirelessly (connect) with many headphones to let many people enjoy movies or listen to music and watch TV without affecting others.


Product Dimensions: 9.81 x 7.25 x 13.5 inches

Sound Isolating: No

Driver Size: 40 millimeters

Product weight: 9.8 ounces


Item model number: WHRF400

Battery: Requires 2 AAA batteries. (consists of)

First available date: August 30, 2018

Battery Life: 20 hours

Connection Type: Wireless

Wireless Connectivity: Radio Frequency (RF)

True Wireless: No

Headphone Fit: Over-the-Ear

Color: Black

Manufacturer: Sony

Price: $98.00

With the information Sony whrf400 rf wireless headphones review. Hope you will like this product.

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