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Don’t miss these sol republic reviews, they are known for their vibrant and powerful bass. There will be quite a lot of people who love this feature of them, Sol has been improved and upgraded quite a lot compared to before. Thanks to the quick connection, calls become much smoother and clearer.


Of course, to better understand this headset is not just that much. We’ve made a full review of the features below!


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The design of this headset is markedly different from the original design, you will easily notice the difference when seeing them or put the 2 versions side by side if you own both. 2.0 is improved on the grip, limiting fingerprints on the headset. This will be helpful for people who sweat oily hands / hands frequently.


Each headset has a unique button that allows you to adjust playback mode or pause music and continue calls or not. If you want to switch to the voice assistant just double click on it. The downside is that you cannot adjust volume / playback old songs using headphones.


The large case houses a 2200 mAh battery inside, which gives users a whopping 45 hours of battery life. You can charge the battery through either the microUSB port or the USB-A port. While charging the battery, 4 LEDs will notify the charge level is full or not, this is a cool feature to notify users when they are about to run out of battery whether it is day or night.


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The performance of the Sol Republic Amps Air 2.0 provides deep bass, which is hard to describe in terms of the headphone quality of this headset compared to previous versions. They reach the user quickly, making sound adjustments easy. The bass expands deeply and vividly, which is very unlikely in many other headphones.


While listening to music, there will be more fun thanks to the slightly recessed mids, making the vocals stand out. Suitable for genres like acoustic / jazz. You will be impressed with the bass and the reliable range of this headset, which rarely happens during connection.


45 hours continuous playback including charging box, we only use 50% of the volume to achieve the sound effect you need to hear.


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The sound we get from the repuclic sol repuclic earbud eiviews is very good, not disappointing to use. They are comparable to Apple Airpods, filling the bass and making it easy to immerse yourself in the world of your own music.


The right-sized ear cushions passively cancel out ambient noise, cover your ears and fill your ears with unwanted noise. If you are a lover of full bass music. We think you might consider using this headset.

Battery life:

As far as the wireless earbuds’ battery life, the promised play time of three hours between charges of the Amps Air really isn’t that great. Apple’s AirPods offer five hours, Jabra’s Elite Sport go up to four and a half hours, while Bragi’s Dash Pro is between 3-5 hours depending on how you listen.

However, the Sol Republic’s Amps Air exceeded that requirement. In our tests, when listening to Spotify uninterrupted, we got up to three hours and 15 minutes of playback before voice entered our ears even telling us the battery was low and needed to be recharged.


And since the carrying case has a large capacity battery, you can recharge the Amps Air about 15 times before running out of battery. As an added bonus, the USB output also makes sure you can use it for a quick boost to your other devices if they run empty. In an emergency, it can even fully charge your iPhone.

Final Thoughts

General review of article sol republic earbuds reviews. These headphones are at the right price and sound good, beautifully designed. The spare battery life in the box helps the headset extend a lot more time, increasing the value for the headset.


However, at this price point we couldn’t expect more great sound quality, which provided the most reliability and sound most enjoyable to users nonetheless. If you are someone who often listens to electromagnetic music, pop, rap … these headphones will be quite suitable.


At the same time, bass is also a favorite spot for many people. We do not like the physical controls very much, hope this improves further.


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