Should i buy Apple airpods? Reasons to Buy AirPods?

One of the questions that many customers ask while looking to buy Apple AirPods is should I buy apple airpods. Ok after reading this article you will have the answer.

Should i buy apple airpods?


Today I will share with you a true story:

– Tomsguide’s Philip Michaels expressed his regret for not upgrading to Apple’s true-wireless headphones sooner.

– Tomsguide’s Philip Michaels expressed his regret for not upgrading to Apple’s true-wireless headphones sooner.

– Philip Michaels is a tech guy, but he says he doesn’t always use the latest products. An example is the Apple AirPods headset.


Apple first introduced its fully wireless headphones in 2016. Since that time, AirPods have gradually become popular with many users. However, Phillip Michaels does not think so.

The way the AirPods attach to the ear canal looks ridiculous. Why spend $159 on a headset when you already have a pair of EarPods in the iPhone box? Only fools would buy this,” Philip Michaels recounted his thoughts at the time the AirPods were released.


However, he realized his mistake after owning an AirPods. This writer claims he will never go back to wired headphones on smartphones. “I was the real fool” he said.

Phillip Michaels’ path to AirPods comes largely from Apple’s product strategy. The company first removed the 3.5mm audio jack on the iPhone 7, forcing users to use headphones with a Lightning connection or via a port


The removal of the 3.5mm port also makes it impossible for users to charge and wear headphones as before. The most optimal solution in this case is to use wireless headphones.

In addition, the EarPods included in the iPhone box are not durable. After a period of use, Philip Michaels’ headphones were damaged, so he had to find a new solution.

Putting the iPhone out of my pants pocket, unplugging the EarPods, those are very normal activities but still cause my headphone cord to break” Michaels shared.


This writer’s wife gave him AirPods on Father’s Day. After a month of use, Philip Michaels said he liked most of the experience on this product. Pairing the headset with the phone is very simple, and it is not difficult to connect the device to the MacBook. Mr. Michaels said that the sound from the AirPods is of good quality, loud and clear. Those are the Reasons to Buy AirPods

My ears are not very sensitive, but the sound from the AirPods is still loud and clear. Of course the sound is better than the noises, the hiss coming from the nearly broken cable of the EarPods” said Philip Michaels. know.


However, this journalist also expressed his concerns about the AirPods. Mr. Michaels often leaves headphones in his pocket when washing and drying. When using EarPods, he is not too worried because these headphones cost only $ 19. However, with a headset costing $ 159, this is a serious problem. Another inconvenience is that wired headphones are always ready to use while AirPods need to be charged.

Reasons to Buy AirPods

Summary of Reasons to Buy AirPods

Hey Siri’ Hands-Free

Better AirPods Battery Life

Faster Switching and Better Connectivity

Wireless Charging

Game With AirPods

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