Shb2505bk Philips Wireless Earbuds – Review Of Headphonesay

What’s interesting about shb2505bk philips? There are many popular and trusted headphones on the market today. Typically headphones from the Philips brand, you will certainly feel satisfied and enjoyable when using them. Let’s learn more about headphonesay below!

Shb2505bk Philips Review?

shb2505bk philips

Headphone Shb2505bk philips has tried to create many good impressions for users. Therefore, headphone design and sound quality are focused quite a lot. Auto call feature also helps you to manage calls better.


Ex: I can chat with my friend and end the call quickly without doing anything.


shb2505bk philips earphones are made to fit everyone, small/large ear size won’t matter to you anymore. The price is suitable for the wallet of both students/students. However, the truth is that they can hardly surpass the higher-end headphones.



The transparent plastic design is quite cheap and not durable, this small headset can be easily pocketed and carried. During use, the SHB2505bk headphones did not make my ears uncomfortable, they were quite light and fit well.

shb2505bk philips

The headphones are held in place in your ears thanks to the design of the SHB2505bk earpads. Thanks to this feature, they limit background noise to an extent, and this has been proven by us. Quite effective!


Unlike other bluetooth headphones, this philips has a slightly larger internal battery, so when compared to other headsets in the hand, they will be a bit heavier. However, this is also easily overlooked by users.

shb2505bk philips

UpBeat SHB2505 decided to use an average score between these extremes. They’ve included an ear fin design, with the fin pushing inside your ear cup for a more secure fit. The result is more comfort than having the silicone tips go into your ear canal and safer on the go. The only thing you give up is a bit of passive noise isolation, which is something that tends to get washed out after the music is turned on.


Philips includes three sizes of silicone ear tips. It’s a pretty standard product, but at least each size is very discreet. You should have no trouble forming some preference between them. While that’s always the case, it’s important that you take your time and try these little tips. Because it’s not just a matter of comfort, it’s also a matter of noise isolation.


The UpBeat earbuds use Bluetooth 5, which gives them some advantages in terms of battery life and sync stability. After the initial setup period, you also don’t have to worry about creating synchronization between your devices. Because automatic synchronization will be established between devices that you frequently connect.


The rest of the connection is pretty normal. As you might expect, the range behind these headphones is about 33 feet. A pretty standard distance for a fairly standard pair of earbuds. For those who need to reach longer connection distances, you often have to be willing to drain more battery to get there. And if you just connect it to a smartphone in your pocket, you are using that battery without making any significant profit.

shb2505bk philips

As for their battery life, you’re looking at about three hours from each earphone. That’s a pretty low average. Because the average for a pair of headphones like this is close to 3.5 hours. One thing to keep in mind, however, is accuracy. Estimated 3 hours that is very close to home. Usually, headphone manufacturers say they will give you 5 hours, but in the end you only have 3 hours. At least with Philips, their estimates are really close to home.


After you get the charging case into the mix, things start to look up. The charging case can provide an additional 9 hours of playtime, which means 3 full charges for each headset. Total playing time 12 hours is not exactly high. But certainly enough for most people in most cases. Battery life shouldn’t be a big deal, as long as they can last a day or two without interference. It’s only when you have to start micromanaging your audio equipment that it starts to get a bit tedious.

Final Thoughts


The philips shb2505bk headphones are designed to be quite suitable for everyone. You can use or gift your friends on a special occasion, the connection is fast and stable with no interference in the process. You can rest assured about this!


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