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Ipod classic earbuds began to receive the love of users because of their novelty and convenience. However, in another part, people prefer to use wired headphones because of their long-standing habits and cheap prices. These two types of headphones, although they receive different attention, still have many weaknesses.

Before entering the comparison, I also want to generalize to you about ipod classic earbuds, we will learn more about current headphone designs:


Over-ear headphones: Over-ear headphones (also known as over-ear headphones) are over-ear headphones, specially designed with the ability to completely cover the ears, providing users with a smooth experience. most, avoid noise influence, do not cause ear pain like traditional small earphone models.

ipod classic earbuds

Ear-buds: Ear-buds are an in-ear type of headset, with the driver attached to the ear. Commonly found on previous headset models, now only a few companies use this design, typically Apple AirPods, AirPods 2. But the wired headset that comes with Huawei’s device is also an ear-buds headset. this.


In-ear headphones: In-ear is a type of headset with a driver design with a compact, elongated sound pipe, which easily penetrates deep into the ear for faster sound transmission and better sound insulation, Apple AirPods Pro is an In-ear headset.


The above 3 headset designs are now deployed into 2 types of headphones: Wired headset and Wireless headset (Bluetooth headset or truewireless headset). Each type of headset has different pros and cons. Therefore, users wonder which type of headset is better.

Ipod classic earbuds - Classic look but still popular:

Headphones were invented at the end of the 19th century, starting with headphones that were upside down but just fine. It wasn’t until the 80s of the 20th century that Sony launched the current compact wired headphones. Next to the era of Apple iPods or Sony Walkman music players are delicate white headphones. These headphones have also set a trendy standard now.


For many people and myself, I also prefer to use wired headphones, although not modern but still look very fashionable. Especially when it has become a hard habit of users to quit. The familiarity and ease of use of wired headphones from the best classic earbuds is in everyone’s blood.

ipod classic earbuds

Like wired charging, wired headphones are easy to buy. If the headset that comes with the machine is unfortunately damaged, you can still buy other wired headphones at phone and accessory stores, large and small, from a few tens of thousands to several tens of millions depending on the sound quality and purpose of use. use. But with just 30,000, you can own a 3.5mm wired headset to listen to misty music.


The cheap price is something that wireless headphones cannot meet.

ipod classic earbuds

Because it is plugged directly into the device, the wired headset ensures a stable connection and faster audio transmission speed, less latency than wired headphones. Therefore, wired headsets are suitable for use when playing games, helping players hear the footsteps and gunshots of the enemy faster and more accurately.


By not using a Bluetooth connection, when using a wired headset, the phone does not drain the battery. Traditional headphones also don’t require recharging after each use, so you can listen to music wherever you are.


The human ear can hear sounds in the frequency range from 20 – 20,000Hz, but wired headphones can ensure higher frequencies and give a more vivid sound. Although the manufacturer is also trying to improve the sound quality on wireless headphones, more or less users still find wired headphones for better sound quality.


However, wired headphones still have many limitations. The biggest annoying point is the tangled wire, even though we do nothing, the headphone cord is still tangled like silk. Although manufacturers have already created resistance bands, they are not widely available. So to limit tangles, users have to use more carefully or wrap the protective wire.

ipod classic earbuds

Wired headphones are also easy to get entangled in use. A long cord connected to the phone inside the pocket is easy to get caught somewhere or accidentally you pull the headset out. This will also more or less affect the internal wiring. Most wired headphones are easy to break at the joints. Unfortunately, you will be deaf in one ear.


For phones that only have a type-C jack or iPhone 7 or later, when charging the phone, there is no connection port for you to use the headset, so you must use a Bluetooth headset.

What headphones are you using?

Wired headphones are still trusted because of the sound quality they bring and limit quality loss in the process of transferring signals from the transmitter to the headset. The proof is that the current high-priced headphones that focus on sound quality are still wired.


As for myself, I’m using wired headphones and I’m attracted to the round-the-neck wireless headset because of its beautiful design and pretty solid look. But in general, when using wired headphones, I have a familiar conversational feeling and I can put the voice mic closer to my mouth, adjusting the volume of my voice. When using wireless headphones, I always tend to emit a high volume when talking, feeling afraid of affecting people around me, so I still haven’t dared to switch to wireless headphones.


Above are my views about ipod classic earbuds and wireless headphones. What kind of headphones are you using? If it is a traditional headset, do you plan to switch to a wireless headset?

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