Philips Uh202 Wireless Bluetooth – 15 Hours Playtime

Philips Uh202 Wireless Bluetooth with up to 15 hours of continuous playback will make you feel satisfied with the features inside. Headphonesay will review the headphones in detail in this article, stay tuned!

Philips Uh202 Review?

The material of the Philips uh202 headphones is imitation leather and fits many different ear sizes. You can adjust the headset because they can be rotated or folded for convenience when out and about. The headband is made from hard plastic with a padding on the top of the head.


Overall, the headphones made us feel satisfied with the comfort they bring. However, the construction material is plastic, so it doesn’t feel high-end/fragile if you drop it hard on the ground.

philips uh202

Sound Control & Charging Port:


The right earcup contains all the controls, which is convenient for right-handers/usually people who are used to button controls. Led light informs the headset is starting/powering off during your use.


Sound quality


In the previous Philips upbeat taut102bk review headphones. We highly recommend these philips uh202 headphones, they really deliver great sound quality and optimized balance on streaming devices.


During listening to different songs in his playlist. The headphones don’t have any noise while they’re on. However, it would be great to turn the volume up to 80%, this will help limit other risks to your ears.

philips uh202

Pairing and setting up Bluetooth:


Pairing of the philips uh202 headset is super fast, we skip the initial step when the new headset confirms the device. After memorizing the device, we only need a few seconds of press to make the pairing with the phone/computer…This is great!


Battery life:


While testing the philips uh202 headphones, the battery life of this headset is also an outstanding advantage over the rest of the headphones. Lasts up to 13 hours of continuous music playback, if you use the volume level less than 80%. Battery life lasts even longer!

Final Thoughts

For an overview of the reviews of the philips uh202 headphones above. We find that their design is quite classic, which will be interesting to young people with a modern and classic style. Youthful and clear sound with a battery life of up to 13 hours will make you immerse in your own space.


Hope the above article will give you the most overview. Leave a comment below if you find a better philips headset!


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