Philips Shp 9600 Reviews 2021 – Over Ear Headphones

Is Philips shp 9600 really better than expected? Kicking off this week’s favorite, headphonesay give you an overview of the amazing performance of the philips shp 9600.

Philips Shp 9600 Review?

For years the vintage Philips shp 9600 has been selling for less than the MSRP of $99, down to ~$50 and generally hovering around $70. It offers an incredible value for that price, and as of the time of this writing, it is still on the market.


The SHP9600 has an MSRP since it’s a new pair so it hasn’t received any major discounts yet. That’s almost double the popular price point of its predecessor, and while I would argue it’s not “twice” the headset in terms of raw performance, it’s still an improvement in every way.

philips shp 9600

The official Philips page for this new headset is right here, and you can also find it at select retail partners. I got this headset from Amazon. In the box you’ll get the headphones, some basic instructions, and a 3m rubber-covered detachable cable that’s tangle-prone and resilient. Luckily, both ends use industry-standard non-proprietary 3.5mm plugs, so finding a replacement cable is super easy if you decide an existing cable isn’t serving your needs. your request.


The only other included accessory is a very basic 6.3mm quick-adapter plug with a rubber grip on it. Despite the handle, the adapter feels oddly cheap compared to the nice logo-printed plug it attaches to, so I think Philips is expecting you to use them with the connection 3.5 mm. If they omitted the standard gold plate and applied a layer of silver or nickel on the adapter, it would enhance the aesthetics considerably.

philips shp 9600

Considering the sound quality of the philips shp 9600, we have praise. They surpass their predecessors! About the treble sound when playing the sound is a bit grainy. This is going to be a bit of a hassle for upbeat music.


In contrast to the philips shp 9600 headphones, the sound is neutral, the treble is subtle and accurately represents the sound output. If your budget is under $200 then congratulations. This headset is in that level with a slightly deep and crisp sound. Similar to the article Philips upbeat taut102bk review we have received many satisfied readers, you can compare with this headset!

philips shp 9600

The bass is natural and accurate, without any bleeding or swelling in the mid-range. The vocals and acoustic instruments are pleasant and easy to listen to, with a natural timbre that I would call accurate. The treble is the only place where you can still hear some excessive “grain“, which can create a bit of an unnatural edge to the highs, but it’s less noticeable than old model.


The Philips shp 9500 are often recommended for gaming due to their good soundstage and picture performance, and I’d say the 9600 does that too. I actually prefer it a bit more for gaming thanks to the increased bass performance.

philips shp 9600

So far so good, and probably on track to earn that upside. Unfortunately, the design and construction are not much improved. The aesthetic has been slightly modernized, removing the large “L” and “R” emblazoned on the earcup grills in place of the copper-colored plastic rings and overall subtlety. The only branding is the unpainted Philips logo embossed on the top of the headband.

The 9600’s bass response is superior to that of their predecessors.It has a new look that is more refined and spacious around the ears. And it’s built very similarly. But none of that makes it worth twice as much as the 9500’s. If you’ve owned the previous model and decided to upgrade, you’ll probably be disappointed by how similar these two headphones are.

Final Thoughts

If you’re new to the Philips range of headphones and don’t mind the deeper look and brighter sound, the philips shp 9600 is still a much better value headphone and I would never criticize you for it. saved some money and tweaked the sound through EQ, especially now.


The Philips shp 9600 makes the most sense to me as a complete replacement for the best vintage headphones. Of course, it will also be difficult to keep up with high-end wireless headphones if you accept to invest a large budget.


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