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Is Philips shb3595 really good? In today’s review headphonesay will show you an overview of this philips shb3595 headset!

Philips Shb3595 Review?

With this philips shb3595 headset, outdoor sports or gym sessions will not restrict your activities/movement. They have a combination of classic and modern headphones, a neck strap can keep them from falling to the ground.


With a connection range of up to 10m, the headset gives you the freedom to listen to music without sudden disconnection. Another advantage is that this headset has up to 3 different ear sizes, suitable for ears from big to small.


In the old review of “Philips upbeat taut102bk review” we received many good reviews about the Philips line of headphones. Proving that the headphones of this company are quite good, the usage time of the shb3595 lasts 4.5 hours. They are perfect for short workout sessions!

In addition, this fit silicone button design helps to better block outside noise. Increase your experience to the highest level. You can simply listen to music/make calls.


Price: $35.34 for Philips UpBeat SHB3595 Wireless Headphones, with up to 6 Hours of Playtime, in-line Mic – Black. Photo by internet

Final Thoughts

In the review of philips shb3595, we helped you better understand the pros and cons of this headset. This headset will be the ideal companion for your training sessions.


With a small budget, they really do better than regular headphones. If you are a lover of the classic. You can refer to the best vintage headphones, we got a lot of good feedback in that article.


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