Philips On Ear 200 Series Wireless Bluetooth – Stereo Headphones

Are you looking for the philips on ear 200 series headphones? These timeless music-inspired headphones will let you enjoy your private sessions with great music by your side. Follow the article below to better understand this type of headset.

Design philips on ear 200 series:

philips on ear 200 series

The design of the philips headphones is made of very good plastic, you can extend the headband to adjust it to better fit your head size (without any sound when extended). The faux leather material of the philips headband creates a cushion on the top of your head that makes you feel comfortable.


We want to confirm that these are not over-ear headphones! The earcups of the philips on ear 200 series can be rotated in a different direction to fit your ears. Another interesting thing is that this headset can also be folded, a size just enough for you to put in a bag and carry.


However, because it is a plastic design, it does not feel high-end and easy to loose. This should be considered during use, to avoid dropping the headset.

Sound Control & Charging Port:

The philips right earcup contains audio controls, which are convenient for right-handed people to adjust. The headset has an additional LED to notify the power on / off status during the Bluetooth pairing process. Micro USB charging port and 3 separate buttons for you to pause or resume previous / next tracks.

Sound quality:

philips on ear 200 series

Despite the low cost of this headset, the sound quality surprised us. The tracks came out with clarity and optimized equalization, even better than we thought. If compared with our recent Philips upbeat taut102bk review, these headphones are about to catch up with them.


The bass is average so some bass lovers won’t be able to find it in this headset. Among the songs, the sound is clean and a bit small in some parts. However, this is also not too noticeable. We think they are suitable for use in common workplaces.

Pairing and setting up Bluetooth:

The process of pairing the Bluetooth connection of the philips on ear 200 series is very quick. Just press the power button for 3 seconds, they will automatically pair with your other smart devices. In addition, when you use power, the headset will warn you by voice to know it is in on/off mode.

Battery Life:

Battery life up to 13h with volume about 80-100% when fully charged. Great! you can go more than a day at this volume, we were able to listen to the full range of songs on our album without worrying about this.

Final Thoughts

Above are our full reviews of the philips on ear 200 series headphones. Please read and feel our advice slowly. They have a design that looks like the best vintage headphones, because of the color and appearance of the outside. Surely in the near future there will be a lot of people looking for and using this headset.


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