Phidelio X2 Black – Wireless And Wired Headphonesay

Phidelio x2 is the latest line of Philips headphones. Let’s review the Fidelio X2 headphones in the article after seeing what’s special about it.



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phidelio x2

After the information that Philips produces headphones exclusively for iPhone, the Phidelio x2 is the latest line of headphones, which has just been launched by Philips, to meet the needs of listening to music with excellent sound quality for consumers. for users. It has a beautiful design, great sound quality, and is made of premium materials. Therefore, it has only been released to users, but Fidelio X2 has been interested, well received, and highly appreciated by users.

Great possibilities come from Philips Fidelio X2 headphones:

Philips X2 belongs to the line of ear-beam headphones, so it will help you hear the best sound, when there is no outside noise. However, it does not cause discomfort to the user when wearing it for a long time, does not cause heat as well as any problems that are happening on the same type of headphones. In addition, the earpads are easily removable, so that users can replace them, or choose ones made from a more suitable material.

phidelio x2

Next, there is the audio part. Fidelio X2’s sound is delivered to the user’s ears by a pair of high-end speakers, combined with high-quality and powerful 50mm audio drivers, helping the Fidelio X2 faithfully represent every sound that reaches the user’s ears. powered by advanced Philips audio technologies, giving it the ability to respond to bass and treble perfectly. However, sometimes the treble is quite weak, but it does not affect the details, as well as the ability to express the delicate sound of the Fidelio X2.

Along with that, the bass is also extremely solid and accurate, sometimes a bit limited, but it is quite powerful and extremely detailed when performing songs with a lot of bass.

Some minor limitations:

Fidelio X2 possesses many advanced features, but it is not perfect, it still exhibits some shortcomings, such as the sound leakage to the outside, which will be annoying when you use the method. convenient for public transportation, or sitting in a closed room. The leaked sound will inadvertently be an annoying noise for people around. Along with being equipped with a 3m connection cable, it also makes the Fidelio X2 limited compared to other models.

phidelio x2

In addition, the large, heavy-weight design of the headset also makes you feel unsatisfied when traveling, and certainly, you won’t want to wear it all day. There are also a few problems with the standard 3.5mm jack, when it is not made firmly, creating a feeling of not being high-end for users.

Final Thoughts

Phidelio x2 possesses excellent sound quality, sometimes its sound is even more appreciated than the more expensive headphones on the market, with the launch of this new product, it seems that Philips is looking to compete. fierce competition with well-known names in the market such as Oppo or Sennheiser. In addition to the appreciated sound, it also has a great design, beautiful appearance, and included equipment that make it comfortable for listeners to use it for hours on end.


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