Old Style Apple Earbuds Review – Meet Apple AirPods

Are you looking for old style apple earbuds? They have some differences in version and chip used, check out the Airpods reviews below right with Headphonesay!


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Design old style apple earbuds:

The Apple AirPods 2 have a completely unchanged design from the first-generation AirPods model, which is a bit disappointing in this regard. And since they don’t change, it’s hard to tell the two apart.


Overall, they have a very good design with compact size elements, comfortable to wear on the ears, not secret when worn for a long time. The grip of AirPods 2 has increased a bit, but it is still not a suitable product to use when running or exercising.


The charging box is also unchanged, except for the addition of a wireless charger (the charging box has an indicator light on the outside).

old style apple earbuds

Finishing degree:

AirPods 2 have the same structure as Airpods. The plastic shell feels premium and sturdy, tough enough to withstand a few drops and won’t damage. The plastic shell is polished and has a highly detailed finish, so it doesn’t feel cheap even if it doesn’t use high-quality materials.


Even so, they are quite fragile under enough pressure and dropped at great heights. It also does not have the ability to absorb sweat as well as Jaybird Run XT, so it is not suitable for use when exercising.

Comfort level of use:

That is, it has an elongated design, smooth plastic shell and rough aluminum. This also means that comfort depends on your ear shape and size. The Airpods 2 are so light you almost won’t feel them in your ears if they fit snugly against your ears. What is certain is that AirPods 2 will not cause ear pain when used because it does not penetrate deeply into the ear canal.

old style apple earbuds

Level of ventilation when using:

AirPods 2 has the outstanding feature of being extremely airy when used. Because they have no rubber ear-tips and almost no point in contact with your ears. If you wear AirPods 2 headphones for a long time, you will definitely not sweat or get uncomfortable.

Level of ear grip when using:

Due to the design that is not too tight and hugs the ears, the level of ear grip of AirPods 2 cannot be compared with sports bluetooth headphones like Jaybird Run XT or Samsung Galaxy Buds. Depending on the size and shape of your ears, the AirPods 2 will have a good grip or not.


Apple AirPods have a very simple control system with quite limited operation. Connecting to an iOS device gives you more control. For example, you can select song forward/backward, pause/play music, and launch Siri. The auto-stop feature is also integrated on AirPods 2.


However, it is quite limited to 2 points. Firstly, if you use an Android device (or any other device other than iOS), the connection will be more difficult and the volume cannot be adjusted. Second, you can’t adjust the volume without Siri or your phone. This is quite unfortunate because the design of AirPods 2 is more than enough to integrate this feature with easy control.

old style apple earbuds

Sound quality:

Apple Airpods 2 are open-back in-ear headphones with normal sound quality. They are best suited for music that doesn’t have a lot of bass. For example classical music, light music or podcasts/audio books, radio, etc.


·       Bass: The Apple Airpods 2’s bass is below average. They cannot produce low-level vibrations, have a slightly jerky feel, and lack end-to-end vibration. That is, it is not suitable for fans of bass and music with a lot of sub-bass. On the plus side, the mid and high bass often creates a sense of jerkiness and warmth for quite smooth music. In addition, the bass experience will be different for each user because the fit of the headphones is not the same.


·       Mid: The midrange performance of Apple AirPods 2 is very good. The low and mid tones are very smooth and balanced. The result is a fairly detailed representation of the vocals and key instrument voices.


·       Treble sound: Apple AirPods 2 has a good treble range, the sensitivity is quite smooth and balanced but also a bit high. Songs with a high frequency range can be a bit jarring when listening.

old style apple earbuds


The open-back design of Apple AirPods 2 makes them unable to soundproof to their surroundings. The good thing is that they can be turned into great headphones for listening to music when you need to look around (for example: jogging or cycling). However, they are not the ideal choice if you want to use it for soundproofing in a noisy environment like a coffee shop.


On the other hand, despite the non-sealed design, Apple AirPods 2 do not leak much sound. That is, even if you turn the volume up, it will not affect the people around you much.


The performance of the Micro in Apple Airpods 2 is not so excellent. Speech recorded or transmitted on the other end of the line has a thin sound, lacks steam and brightness.

old style apple earbuds

Battery life:

Apple AirPods 2 can play for 4 hours without charging and can be used up to 24 hours before having to recharge the charging case. Not ideal for users who listen constantly, but fine for users who only listen in their spare time. The headphones are fully charged very quickly, taking only thirty minutes. It can be said that this is the fastest recharge time in the group of true-wireless headphones today.

Final Thoughts

General. The pair of Apple Airpods 2 headphones have the same sound quality and design as the previous Apple AirPods model, so if you already own the original Apple AirPods, there is no need to upgrade quickly. And if you don’t have Apple AirPods, this pair of headphones is a worthwhile investment if you are in need of a versatile pair of headphones. But it should still be noted that it is not really suitable for sports needs.


Hopefully our old style apple earbuds review can give you the best overview!

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