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Are leaf pods true wireless earbuds really as good as many people say? It is difficult to judge by the functions available on the website. For an overview, we took the time to compile and evaluate them. We are sure that this information will help you!


leaf pods true wireless earbuds

Fancy design and increased comfort, compared to other expensive wireless headphones, of course it is impossible. But in contrast, with other common headphones, they surpass them very easily. What is impressive is that their external design is quite impressive, light and beautiful. When worn, it is quite suitable for most ear sizes.


The compact shape with the Leaf logo brings sophistication to this pair of headphones. Their ear flaps make it easier to attach to the ear. However, it is a bit difficult to put on at first, each earpad has a convenient physical button.


leaf pods true wireless earbuds

For pairing, you can use each headset individually, it’s not required to use both sides of the headset. After making the first pairing with other smart devices such as: phone, ipod, ipad, laptop … the next time you just need to take the headphones out of the case they will automatically pair with the device.

Noise Cancelling:

In terms of noise cancellation level of Leaf pods they are quite effective to some extent. For example, when you participate in traffic, crowded workplaces, take a bus… They will do a good job of effectively canceling noise, there will be some situations where you hear outside sounds, so you encounter too noisy environments. oh. This can be solved by turning the volume up a bit.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality of the Leaf Pods is quite good. They have a frequency response of 20 – 20,000 Hz supporting the Bluetooth SBC and AAC codecs. The sound comes out with deep bass and clear voice giving you the best music experience.

Battery Life:

Average battery life is about 6.5h, although not the largest battery capacity, it is enough for you to use all day / during relaxing times. It only takes about 1h30 to fully charge them!


In addition, it is interesting that the package provides an additional monopod charger using which we can charge one Pod at the same time.


On the top of the headset there is a physical button for you to easily control the volume up / down and take calls quickly.

Final Thoughts

Finally, this Leaf pods is classified as a good wireless headset in terms of design, sound quality, everything is quite good. However, they have a rather high price tag. Compared to other headphones at this price point, they really can’t be surpassed. The rest depends on your choice!


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