Jbl Everest 710 Review By Headphonesay – New Update

Jbl everest 710 review today will show you the potential and advantages of this headset. JBL is a new product in the high-end wireless headset segment. Delivers accurate and balanced sound that surpasses other conventional headphones.


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1.     About design

jbl everest 710 review

Jbl everest 710 review

For Everest 710, there are 3 color versions: dark gray, silver, and blue. All three are finished with a matte finish. JBL Everest 710’s Earcup face is curved and flattened, making me think of the shape of a flying saucer. In general, the appearance of JBL Everest 710 is quite fancy and for me personally, this is a beautiful design.


The memory foam earpad is very soft, making it comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

jbl everest 710 review

JBL Everest 710 comes with a carrying case. The headset can be folded and put in the box when the owner takes it with him.

2.     Features

jbl everest 710 review

The right earcup is where the power switch and three general control keys are located. The middle key makes music stop playing and answers calls. Meanwhile, the other two keys are used to adjust the volume by pressing and switching songs by holding down. The plus point of this key system is the flat design, placed along the edge of the earcup, so it looks very discreet and delicate.


However, combining the volume button with the song switch button can accidentally cause the user to suddenly increase the volume when trying to switch songs. I’ve experienced this with some other headphones myself.

jbl everest 710 review

A unique feature on the JBL Everest 710 is Share Me, which is activated by the button on the left earcup. With this feature, owners of JBL Everest 710 can easily pair with another headset, not necessarily a JBL device. Such a Bluetooth connection allows the listener to share music with a second person. I have always wanted to own a headset with this feature that could let my friends listen to the same music without the need for wires. complex.

3.     JBL Everest 710 sound quality

jbl everest 710 review

Trying to test the headset with songs with lots of Sub bass, I can see that the bass range of JBL Everest 710 is reproduced very firmly without being boosted too strongly. Along with that, the ability to control the bass is also good, rarely the bass is encroached on mid and vocal.


Switching to playing harmonies and Orchestral, instrumental and vocal sounds are presented in a bright light, with good detail compared to other wireless headphones.


In general, JBL Everest 710 is a rare pair of Bluetooth Headphones with a balanced and detailed sound quality. And indeed, with this sound quality, JBL Everest 710 stands apart from other products in the same segment.


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