Is it bad to sleep with headphones on?

Many people who use phones often have the habit of sleeping while wearing headphones, so is it bad to sleep with headphones on? The answer is below.


According to studies, wearing headphones when sleeping is often because we want to Block outside noise, Make it easier to sleep, Enjoy good music, Bring a sense of relaxation and one of the reasons why to wearing headphones when sleeping is due to oversleeping while listening to music or watching videos….

The harmful effects to sleep with headphones on?


Accumulation of earwax

The most dangerous is when the earbuds block the circulation of air around the ear, making it easier for the wax to press on your eardrum. If too much earwax accumulates, it will be more difficult to remove, resulting in the ear being vulnerable to earwax removal.

Causes otitis externa

Another possible scenario is that the skin around your ear canal will slowly wear away, creating a fluid that drains into your ear. This will also lead to pain in the outer ear and can affect the eardrum.

Adverse effects on the eardrum

If you listen to fast-paced music such as pop, rock, EDM or hip hop, the music tends to be uplifting. This makes users tend to open the volume higher than normal, overstimulate for a long time, leading to damage to the eardrum or the end of the sensory nerve, causing tinnitus, hearing pain, even lead to hearing loss.

Inaudible when there is an emergency

Wearing headphones also makes users unable to hear what’s going on around them, making them unaware of impending dangers, especially in emergencies like house fire alarms or burglar alarms. ,…

Damaged headphones

For some types of long-stemmed in-ear headphones, if you sleep on your side, you may lie on the headphones, damaging them or reducing the quality when in use.

How to sleep with headphones without harm?

The most important thing is to choose a headset with a suitable size, without causing discomfort or discomfort when you lie on your left / right side. In addition, you should also consider using types best earbuds for asmr because it will not get in the way when changing positions when sleeping and these products are designed by the manufacturer with specifications suitable for sleeping habits with headphones.

Note to sleep with headphones 

When wearing headphones you need to adjust the volume just right, not too loud. Also avoid sleeping with headphones while the phone is charging as this can lead to the risk of electric shock.
– Timer to turn off the music
You should set a timer to turn off the music so that when you fall asleep, the sound will be cut off, saving your phone’s battery and reducing the bad effects on your ears.
– Choose good songs for sleep
The ideal type of song to listen to when you want to sleep is one that has a beat close to your heart rate – between 60 and 80 BPM (beats per minute). You can easily look up these playlists on YouTube or popular music applications today.

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