Instructions for cleaning headphones pads

Some tips for cleaning headphones pads during use to preserve and clean the headphones to improve the life of the device as well as protect your own health.

Every day when using headphones to listen to music, watch TV, play games, work, study or play sports, there are many types of dirt on the contact surface of the earpads (or ear tips for printed headphones in-ear) such as sweat, dead skin cells, earwax, and also excess cosmetics. If not cleaned properly, this surface also becomes more prone to dust when placing the headset in an outdoor environment and is likely to cause some ear diseases. Therefore, you need to clean the headset periodically at least once a week.


Use a soft cloth to lightly soak a mixture of soap and water diluted, or you can use 70-degree alcohol, then gently wipe the earpads and the mesh inside. After cleaning with a soft towel, you should put the headset in a cool place, or put it in the sun for about 5 minutes to let the headset dry, the sun helps kill bacteria. In the case of earpads after using for a while and peeling, you should replace them instead of trying to use them again to ensure hygiene and experience when using the headset.

Cleaning headphones pads for earbud and in-ear


We need to remove the eartips from the ear canal, if there is a cleaning brush, use a brush, otherwise use a toothpick to gently go along the rim in the sound duct to scrape the dry earwax sticking to this surface. Next, use a cotton swab to wipe the dirt around the earbud and also wipe the eartips. After completing the cleaning with Completing these steps, you can attach the eartips back to the Wireless Earbuds and use it normally.

A few tips to take care of your headphones


Make sure your headphones are always dry and cool before using or storing them in a protective case. For in-ear headphones and earbud, you remember to wrap the wire by hand, a simple move that both increases the life of the cord and does not get tangled when taken out and used.

If the headset does not come with a box, you should invest in a box, which is not expensive but brings great convenience. You can even add a few desiccant bags in the box to ensure absolute dryness.

With the Instructions for cleaning headphone pads tips shared above, hopefully you will always keep your headphones clean.

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