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You just bought a pair of headphones and are wondering how to wear earbuds? Or you have tried wearing them in your ears and are feeling discomfort, pain in the ears. This is bad, it leaves your experience incomplete and will easily cause ear swelling if you try to wear it for a long time.

Therefore, we will have a few guidelines for you to adjust your headphones to fit better, not hurt or fall out easily. This may sound boring but will often appear to some people, the most common will be new headphones purchased that do not know how to use. Take a moment to read our article!

How to wear earbuds and in ear headphones ? Here are some tips to make your headphones better:

Guide For Earbuds:

Guide For Earbuds how to wear earbuds

Guide for earbuds

We will divide two popular types of headphones to guide you, the earbuds will be much simpler. Since they are wireless headphones, you should pay attention that they need to be worn correctly according to your left or right ear. Aligns to fit your ears without any laxity or discomfort.

Our instructions on how to wear earbuds above hope you’ll be successful. Don’t try to put the headphones in when they don’t fit your ear, as this will backfire on the music experience and make you more uncomfortable.

Guide For In Ear Headphones:

Guide For In Ear Headphones how to wear earbuds

Guide for in-ear headphones

Next is about the guide for in-ear headphones, for these headphones they will have 2 different types of wires. There are ear rings and strings that are vertical down. So we will guide you through each to make it easier to distinguish.




It is easy to see many people using these in-ear headphones on the road, the simple identifying feature is that they are straight down in front of you. For this type of wire, keep them straight from your ears down without being bent or tangled anywhere. On the contrary, your headphones are having problems that can’t be straightened or are often tangled, learn more about how to straighten earbuds.



The market today is quite diverse, there is also an extra wire around your ear to better hold them in place during exercise.

Guide For In Ear Headphones 2 how to wear earbuds

                                                             Headphones over the ear / Around the ear


If you’ve followed the steps on how to wear our earbuds and they still don’t fit. Usually, each person’s headphones will differ a lot, like the size and the strap too. You need to buy the headset that suits you best, to avoid buying the wrong one.


Instructions on how to wear headphones properly from wikihow


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