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You have a PlayStation 4 and wonder how to use app earbuds on Ps4? Owning an Apple headset is becoming a trend in the current headphone market, but not everyone understands its use, in this article we will guide you with some ideas for easy game play. on Apple Earbuds than.

How To Use Apple Earbuds On Ps4

How to use apple earbuds on ps4 ? Here are some tips to make your earbuds better:

Additional for connecting AirPods to PS4:

How to use apple earbuds on ps4

Headsets to fits your ears

Try to add the connection function between Apple and Ps4, a Bluetooth transmitter can be used from TV to Ps4 thanks to audio routing, if your TV is high-end one will have support for connection functions, it It’s like a headphone jack port on a TV. Try searching for them on the back of the TV or the side bezel of the TV.


Conversely, you can buy some transmitters that support connection between Apple and Ps4, using this support is quite simple, just press and hold the pairing button on Apple, the transmitter will automatically pair. connect to them, to Ps4 in turn (it will be in sequence from TV – transmitter and Airpods).


Another tip to answer the question of how to use apple earbuds on ps4 is to use the Remote Play app for smart devices like Iphone and Android. With this application you can access Ps4 via Wifi anywhere, quite convenient, right.

With the tips above you will be able to use Ps4 more easily anywhere with just a connector or smart device assistants app. We find that using Apple is very popular but connecting with Ps4 is always difficult, you can try both methods above. Good luck!


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