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“How to straighten earbuds?” It’s annoying every time you take your headphones out of the bag, because you need to spend a little more time unpacking the mess. We have a few cool tips to make your headset more comfortable! Join us to find out now.

How to straighten earbuds in 2021? Here are some tips to make your headphones better:

1. Use your fingers

Use your fingers how to straighten earbuds in 2021

Use your fingers

This is considered a common way that many people use when the headphones are twisted, I tried using my fingers to remove them (but not the usual way).

You must be fed up with using your hands to remove and this may not work for some people, as the small finger size is much more flexible. You can apply the next one.

2. Use fixed clamps

Use fixed clamps how to straighten earbuds

Use fixed clamps

There are lots of things that can help you answer the question of how to straighten earbuds, such as I used a paper clip at my desk, and it’s pretty small too. Or elastic bands (my granddaughter usually buys a lot of hair ties) so I took advantage of them. A quick and easy fix.

3. Use the force of the hand

Use the force of the hand how to straighten earbuds

Use the force of the hand

This method can be applied fastest and quite easily, you just need to use your fingers to draw and swipe in a single horizontal direction. After a few times the wire will follow the creases and limit the tangle more.

When using this method after a while the headset will gradually become more sticky, however we consider that it should not be swiped too hard. That is easy to damage the headphones!

4. Hang your headphones on a stand, hook, or table edge

Hang your headphones on a stand how to straighten earbuds

Hang your headphones on a stan, hook, or table edge

You can use a number of accessories such as a stand or a desk hanger, to hang your headphones up is a safe choice to ensure the headphones are always clean, free of tangles, or twisted all day. It’s easy to get and use right away, without searching anywhere.


The headphones should be placed in specialized locations such as desks, desks, shelves. You can find and buy these accessories anywhere such as bookstores, convenience stores, supermarkets … or being able to make a custom stand by yourself is also a good idea.


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