🥇How To Sleep With Headphones – The Easiest Ways

How to sleep with headphones?” Are you someone who has trouble falling asleep and always need lullabies to fall asleep easier? Or your habit of wearing headphones and are having a hard time wearing it while sleeping? In this article, headphonesay will show you a few ways you can start sleeping with headphones on!

How to sleep with headphones? Here are some tips to make your headphones better:

1. Use Travel pillow:

How to sleep with headphones

Use travel pillow

You must be quite familiar with this type of travel pillow, right? They can reduce the pressure on your headphones, whether you just sleep sitting or sleeping on your side is okay. They are suitable if you carry them on flights where you have to sit for many hours, not being able to sleep comfortably will make your neck uncomfortable.


We tried wearing headphones and using a travel pillow that hugs the neck, the important thing is that the headphones don’t put any pressure on the ears. I tried other positions like: sitting, tilting my head and really comfortable being able to listen to music while sleeping.

2. Using headphones to sleep:

How to sleep with headphones

Using headphones to sleep

How to sleep with headphones”. Also, the second way to answer this question is that you can use headphones specifically for sleeping. They are quite comfortable because they are just a headband with speakers, completely soft when you lie in any position on the bed.


We have spent some time aggregating some types of sleep-specific headphones below you can refer to for a quick shopping:


·       HoomBand Wireless: Designed for sleeping comfort, high mobility and super soft, comfortable headband. Guaranteed up to 10 hours for you to enjoy your favorite music all night, fall asleep quickly.

·       TOPOINT Cotton Sleeping Eye: Allowing you to sleep soundly without feeling any discomfort, they also have built-in microphones so you don’t miss incoming calls. Very suitable for people who often sleep on flights or who have trouble sleeping.

·       AcousticSheep SleepPhones Classic: Many people have trusted in this sleeping headset, designed for maximum comfort to help you fall asleep quickly and easily. In addition, you can use it as a regular eye mask if you don’t need to listen to music.

3. Using a wireless earbuds:

Most, a lot of people will choose this option. Because the wireless connectivity and full features of a pair of earbuds will be far superior, not just for sleeping purposes. You will be able to use them further in the office, on the street, travelling, practicing sports…


Here is a list of our recommended earbuds specifically for you to sleep in:


·       Jabra Elite 85t True Wireless: Effective noise cancellation and advanced technology, Jabra 85t gives users an unforgettable experience. Battery life is up to 25 hours of use, when you need to use it when you sleep, you can adjust it to the noise cancellation mode you don’t want to hear.


·       Samsung Electronics Galaxy Buds Live: This pair of headphones is no longer strange to many people, because their brand is widely spread all over the world. The design fits snugly and snugly inside your ear, which prevents the earbuds from falling out easily. Outstanding immersive sound, full active noise cancellation to help put you to sleep quickly.


Above is our guide, I talk about the question “how to sleep with headphones” you can try to use to have a good night’s sleep with your favorite music. To ensure that your ears are always healthy, consider using and listening to music at a reasonable time to avoid various potential risks!

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