🥇How To Make Your Headphone Louder 2021 – Here Are 3 Ways

“How to make your headphones louder?” We understand that sitting at your desk all day is often associated with your favorite music. However, there are a few reasons that the headphone sound may not be as loud as you expect. So we did some testing to improve this. Check out the instructions below!

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How to make your headphone  ? Here are some tips to make your headphones better:

1. Clean Your Headphones:

How to make your headphone louder

Clean Your Headphones

This is an essential but most often overlooked step. We tried several headphones and found that there was a lot of dirt trapped inside them. This affects the sound quality when used is not loud, clear anymore.

2. Use the sound booster app:

How to make your headphone louder

Use the sound booster app

This application supports increasing the volume for the sound output to be louder than usual. They are integrated in Android and iOS operating systems, so you can safely find them on any App Store and proceed to download them. You must be wondering which volume booster application works well, right?

All of the above apps will surely answer your “how to make your headphone louder” question!

3. Turn off the volume limit on your phone:

How to make your headphone louder

Turn off the volume limit on your phone

Today’s smart devices always have a volume level limit to ensure the user’s hearing is not damaged. You can easily find sound limiter functions in Android/IOS..other phones don’t. First go to SETTINGS > Sound > Vibration and option Volume > Adjust Volume Limit (Now you can freely adjust the desired volume).


With Apple phones you can adjust the volume again just go to SETTINGS > Scroll to Music > Scroll to Volume.

Sometimes the settings will change based on whether your device’s operating system has been updated early or not, you should not adjust the volume above a safe level, which affects the sound coming out. Unsafe downloads to your ears.

We just did a tutorial on “how to make your headphone louder” good luck! The process is quite simple and does not take too much time. However, there are still a few other headphones that provide a truly outstanding volume that you have not experienced. Check out more of our best wireless headphones!

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