🥇How To Get Rid Of Static Noise In Headphones 2021

How to get rid of static noise in headphones?” If you also want to solve them, take a few minutes to follow this article through. Because in this article we have revealed basic and very useful ways to eliminate static noise in headphones.

How to get rid of static noise in headphones ? Here are some tips to make your headphones better:

Cleaning and maintenance:

how to get rid of static noise in headphones

Cleaning and maintenance

Another best way to stay away from the static noise of your headphones is to clean them regularly. That means you can clean the audio jacks through the help of a cotton swab. For that, you have to take the cotton and then put it in the audio jack so that it cleans from the inside. However, to be able to do it effectively at home, follow the steps below.

Use a different connector:

You may also want to try connecting the headphones to another medium to see if they work. If the sound continues, then you may already know that the problem is in the speakers or headphones. On the other hand, if you notice clear sound, it is a sign of a problem with its port.


Another suggestion is to check the wiring or the power supply. These extensions connect to several plugs (powering up to 10 devices), so you can stay connected. You may also want to switch to a different headphone jack. Whether you’re using the single input on your computer or using the front or rear input, you can switch it using your computer’s speaker jack.

Substitute for Jacks:

how to get rid of static noise in headphones

Substitute for jacks

We all know that there are several jacks (audio) in personal computers. To reduce or eliminate static noise, you should unplug the cord from the wire you are using. Plug the cord into another speaker jack. That should offer a temporary solution. This way you won’t miss anything important. However, for a permanent fixture, you can take the headset to your local electronics retailer.


Another way to fix this problem is to adjust the settings of the phone’s speaker. Plug in your headset and go to your phone’s speaker settings. Adjust the volume level accordingly. This will actually solve the problem for you.


So here are some effective steps to deal with “how to get rid of static noise in headphones”. Follow the instructions in this article to get out of trouble.


Now that you know how to eliminate static noise in headphones, it will be easier to solve the problem. If the problem persists even after following the steps, change your headphones with a best earbuds for asmr


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