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How to fix unbalanced headphones 2021?” . Headphones have become a familiar and indispensable accessory especially for music lovers. It will be annoying when you want to enjoy a great music but the headset has a problem, the headset is big and small. Therefore, Headphonesay will help you fix this error on headphones easily and quickly!

How to fix unbalanced headphones  ? Here are some tips to make your headphones better:

1. The reason why the earphones are big on the small side:

How to fix unbalanced headphones

The reason why the earphones are big on the small side

The error of one side being large and one small side is a very familiar error for users, especially for the Iphone line of headphones. The bounce affects the sound quality and your experience, causing discomfort. Headphones with this phenomenon can be due to a number of reasons such as:


·       Because the volume adjustment on both sides of the headset is not suitable

·       There may be some software error but this is rare. If so, it will cause damage to one side of the headset, not just the loud side sound.

2. How to fix unbalanced headphones:

The way to fix the big side headset is quite simple. You can follow the step-by-step instructions below:


Go to Settings => General => Accessibility => Adjust the volume of both headsets on the phone

Hold and drag the headphone volume rocker to the center of the T/P for a balanced look. Check again to see if this error has been fixed!

Headphones are damaged due to what causes:

Headphones after a long time of use or due to improper use are prone to damage and errors. Damaged headphones are usually caused by a few main reasons:

Let the volume be too loud:

If you have a habit of always leaving the volume up when wearing headphones, it will have a negative impact on your headphones. Sound that is too loud will cause the diaphragm to stretch and affect the devices inside the headset. At that time, the headset will appear noisy, mixed with annoying noise


To protect the headphones, they are always durable and quality, you just need to adjust the volume at 50% to be good for both your headphones and your ears.

Not cleaning the headset properly:

No matter how expensive or good quality a headset is, but you don’t take the time to clean it, over time, dirt will stick to the earphone membrane, the headphone jack affects the sound quality and the sound quality. the internal device of the headset. Not only that, wearing headphones that are not cleaned is very easy to cause hearing diseases.

How to fix unbalanced headphones

Habit of wearing headphones to sleep:

Many people have the habit of wearing headphones to listen to music when they go to sleep. However, this will affect the quality of the headset because when you sleep, it is easy to lie on it and cause damage. In addition, wearing headphones for a long time will affect your health. Sound impacts strongly on the eardrum for a long time, causing damage to the eardrum, causing many ear diseases.


The above is the cause and the most effective way to fix the error of the earphones. Hope the article has provided a lot of useful information for readers. If you have any questions and need help, please contact Headphonesay immediately!

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