🥇How To Fix Loose Headphone Jack – The Easiest Ways

How to fix loose headphone jack? It can be the most frustrating thing to plug your headphones in only to find out that the headphone jack is loose and not working.


But don’t fret. You do not need to go to the repair center immediately. You can repair it yourself at home with a few instructions.

How to fix loose headphone jack ? Here are some tips to make your headphones better:

1. Check again with another device:

Try putting the headphone connector in a different jack on another device. Is it sticky this time? Otherwise the problem is not your device’s headphone jack. It could be the connector of the headset. You may need to have an electronics technician check your headphone connector.

2. Size and shape:

Shape and size

Like we detailed in the section on jack types, not all jacks are the same size or shape. Similarly, not all connectors are the same shape or size. It’s also possible that the headphone’s connector is the right size, but continued rough use has damaged it so it can’t properly plug into the jack. In this case, you need to get a new headset.

3. Try cleaning and sanitizing

Sometimes, things can get stuck inside the jack leading to a blockage. This means that the headphone plug will not be able to properly connect to the device. Liquid, dirt, or even the connector itself can get stuck inside the jack. Hold the device with the stuck jack facing some bright light to see what is clogging the device. You will then have to use a toothpick or blunt pin to open the jack. You may even have to wrap a small piece of tape around the pin before opening the jack so debris can get in the way. A broken piece of plug stuck inside will need another solution.

4. Replace a new jack:

Although this is rare, rust and corrosion in the plug or connector, can be the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, if you find yourself in a situation where the jack is rusty or badly damaged, look for a new headset instead. Ask a technician to replace the jack if it is rusty; you’ll know it if you see some rust sticking to the plug.


I hope you managed to use the solutions and information in this article “how to fix a loose headphone jack”. Remember that your phone is under warranty, so if the solutions feel too intrusive or complicated, go to your device brand’s nearest service center and secure the jack.


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