🥇How To Fix A Bent Headphone Jack 2021 – Here Are 3 Ways

“How to fix a bent headphone jack?” Are you a person who loves your things and doesn’t want them to deteriorate? Normally, the headphone cord will be quite easily bent after a long time of use. Because of many influencing factors, or also because the headset is not high-end…


In this article, we will show you how to fix a bent headphone cord. Take some time to follow along!

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How to fix a bent headphone jack  ? Here are some tips to make your headphones better:

1. Adjust the headphone jack manually:

This way is complete the whole process being performance, you can use tay to nắn lại chúng. Hoặc dùng lực mạnh hơn là nhờ vào kìm hãm và kích thước. Please do from and not, use the power too strong for the avoid faulty headphone cord. To do them, you will need to prepare some of the following tools:

If you find them to be effective, you can repeat the process a few more times to get the straightest headphones. On the contrary, this method does not work, you can continue to use the method below!

2. Replace bent headphone jack:

You have not succeeded in the first step because depending on each headphone jack will be a bit complicated in terms of repair techniques, but if your headphones are invested, the price is lower. Try replacing the jack!

3. Use a non-wired headset:

Have you done most of the instructions above and no success? Very difficult if your jack is in serious condition. If you fall into this situation, you should think about the problem of replacing another headset.


There are many best wireless or wired headphones available today. Helps you move freely, avoiding tangles or similar problems. You can check out more of our headphone reviews in a recent article.

Sometimes the headphone jack repair is really not easy for everyone. You have never used the technique with any work before, of course there are instructions from simple to advanced in the article “how to fix a bent headphone jack” inside here. In addition, you can look to buy other wireless headphones to avoid repeating this situation.

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