🥇How To Fix A Loose Headphone Jack – Here Are 5 Ways

How to fix a loose headphone jack” . This is not a rare situation, it happens to a lot of users and causes a lot of frustration for those who often listen to music. Headphonesay would like to send you 5 very simple ways to fix the error of the headphone jack not working.

How to fix a loose headphone jack? Here are some tips to make your headphones better:

1. Make sure your headphones are not damaged:

The first thing you need to do is check if your headphone jack is damaged or the problem lies with the headset. Performing this test is very easy. You just need to plug the headset into another device, that device does not have to be a smartphone, any device with a 3.5mm jack such as a laptop, TV, … can be done.

How to fix a loose headphone jack

If you don’t hear any sound coming out of your headphones when plugged in to another device, then the problem is with your headphones. You just need to replace a new headset, that’s the problem. If the headset is still working fine, continue to follow the methods below to fix this problem.


You should also try plugging in another pair of headphones into your phone before proceeding with the methods below, because although it’s rare, there’s still a chance that the headset you’re using isn’t compatible with your phone, even when they work properly with other devices.

2. Check if the phone is connected to another device via Bluetooth:

If your smartphone is paired with a wireless headset, speaker or any other device via Bluetooth, it is possible that the headphone jack has been disabled. Normally, when you plug in your headphones, the smartphone will recognize them and everything will work as it should, regardless of whether the Bluetooth connection is on or not. However, this can sometimes be problematic.

How to fix a loose headphone jack

Fixing this is very quick and simple, all you have to do is open Settings and find the Bluetooth option, check if it’s on. Chances are your phone is already paired with a device in your house over Bluetooth. You just need to turn off Bluetooth, plug in your headphones and see if the problem is resolved. If the headphones are still not working, you should move on to the next solution on this list.

3. Clean the headphone jack:

You won’t be able to imagine how much dust and lit collects in your headphone jack over time. This can be the cause of the headphone jack not working problem, as dirt can actually block the connection between the headphones and the jack.

How to fix a loose headphone jack

A great option for cleaning the jack is to use a cotton swab. Insert the cotton swab and swirl it around a bit to get the dirt and lint out. Be very careful when doing this, as you will certainly not cause any damage to the device. You can also wet a cotton swab with alcohol for a more thorough cleaning, but make sure you don’t use too much alcohol.


Once the cleaning is done, try plugging in your headphones to check if everything is working properly.

4. Check the sound settings and restart the device:

It’s also possible that the problem isn’t with the jack or headphones you’re using, but with your device’s audio settings. If that’s the case, the problem can be resolved quickly. Just open the sound settings on your device and check the volume level and any other settings that might mute the sound. Normally, there are not many settings like this on smartphones, so the problem can be resolved very quickly.

How to fix a loose headphone jack

Another simple fix you can try is to restart your device. This can sometimes solve a lot of different smartphone-related problems but takes less than a minute to do. Simply press and hold the power button, select the reboot option, wait for the device to turn on again, then check if the problem is resolved.

5. Time to send the device to a service center:

If all of the above methods do not work, it means that the problem is not as simple as we expected. If your phone is still under warranty, it’s best to contact your retailer or manufacturer, explain the problem, and send it to a service center for repair or replacement. In some cases it can take quite a while.

How to fix a loose headphone jack

Above is an article with 5 extremely simple ways “how to fix a loose headphone jack”. Hope you are succesful. If you find the article useful, don’t forget to share it so we can know how to fix it when you have a similar problem!

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