How to clean 3.5 mm jack for smartphones?

If your headphone jack is dusty, How to clean 3.5 mm jack? headphonesay shares with you how to clean the headphone jack for smartphones simply with a cotton swab and a can of compressed air.

If your phone or other electronic device is left uncovered in a bag or pocket, the headphone jack can collect dirt and lint. Without cleaning, you won’t even be able to plug in your headphones. Fortunately, the headphone jack can be cleaned easily and safely with just a few household items. Compressed air spray can blow away debris, cotton swab cleans stubborn bits in your jack.

Clean the headphone jack with a can of compressed air


You can buy aerosol cans at tech stores or on e-commerce exchanges. Compressed air can also be used to clean dirt on computer parts, so look for it at a computer parts store. Compressed air is less likely to damage the jack because you’re basically just putting air in it.

Spray air into the hole located next to the jack. Some types even come with a small spray nozzle right on the mouth of the bottle. You will easily insert the spray nozzle into the jack to direct the airflow into this small hole.

Press the button at the top of the compressed air bottle to start spraying. You only need to spray once or twice, the debris inside the jack will fall out.

Clean with cotton swab


You can find them in department stores or supermarkets. Choose a type with a low ruffled tip so that the cotton yarn does not get caught inside the jack. The small tip cotton swab will easily get inside the jack and clean more effectively.

Pick a cotton swab in the jack. Be careful not to jam the tip of the cotton ball in the jack. You need to push the tip of the cotton swab into the hole gently until the tip is deep in the jack. Rotate the toothpick to clean the nooks and crannies inside the jack. After you pull out the cotton swab, most of the dirt will fall out.

For stubborn debris, you can dab a little rubbing alcohol on the tip of a cotton ball. You need to dip so that the cotton swab is just damp, not soggy or dripping. Remember to wring out the cotton ball, then insert the tip of the cotton swab back into the jack and rotate.

Dry the jack with a clean cotton swab. The rubbing alcohol will dry quickly on its own. However, you should soak up any remaining moisture to minimize the surface’s contact with the solution. Insert a clean cotton swab into the jack, let it sit for a bit, and then rotate it back and forth to absorb the alcohol.

Note that when cleaning the 3.5mm jack or cleaning headphones pads, you should be gentle to protect the product from damage or scratches. Good luck.

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