How to choose best bluetooth earphones for running

You use the best bluetooth earphones for running will help you comfortably forget the feeling of fatigue, create excitement to complete your goals.

On the market, there are earphones for wireless sports or bluetooth connection, with the advantage of being able to keep well on the body. But each product has a different sound quality, size, shape and uptime, so you can get lost in the choices.

So presents you with options and the best Bluetooth headphones for running.

Choose Wireless Bluetooth headphones


While running, the headset is exposed to strong up and down movements. With wired headphones, bouncing up and down the wire can hit your face or body, or the earphones in your ears can get in the way, hindering your running.

Therefore, you should choose wireless earphones for running and sports.

Pay Attention to Ear Fit

It is important that the headset does not deviate during practice. Therefore, you should rely on the features of each type to choose the product with the right size for you.

Choose Headphones That Are Easy To Detect Surrounding Dangers

When running outside, it’s important to hear your surroundings for safety. To detect dangers around you, pay attention to the following parts of the headset.

Waterproof Headphones: Peace of mind with Rain, Sweat

Choose best bluetooth earphones for running you need to care about waterproof function, pay attention to the “IPX” . “IPX” indicates the waterproof level of the headset, followed by a number from 1 to 9, and the larger the number, the better the waterproof performance high. Sometimes it’s written up to 2 numbers, but in that case, the first number indicates dust resistance and the second number indicates water resistance.

For outdoor workouts, the IPX4 rating is enough to resist sweat, but if you’re afraid of the rain, choose IPX5 headphones.

Continuous Time for best Headphones for Running

Since each headset product has a different uptime, check it out for your run time. There are many different time levels, from a few hours to a few dozen hours, if you often use it, choose a type with a continuous use time of 4-5 hours or more.

And those with a long continuous operation time are very convenient because they can be used for a long time on a single charge.

Top 10 Best Earphones for Running, Sports, Popular

Next, will introduce the top 10 best headphones for runners and athletes.

The best headphones for runners with an iPhone: PowerBeats Pro

Although AirPods are also a high-end wireless headset from Apple, there are many features that are not suitable for sports people, such as: average battery life, not waterproof, quality. The sound is not really impressive. So, to provide users with a wireless sports headset that can make the most of every feature on the iPhone, Apple has launched the Beats PowerBeats Pro.

With 9 hours of use on a single charge, users can completely listen with PowerBeats Pro all day long. Moreover, good sweat and water resistance and outstanding bass sound will help users enjoy high-quality music during running or training.

It can be said that the feeling of wearing PowerBeats Pro is not really the most comfortable, but with a firm ear clip design, users can move continuously without worrying about the headset falling.

Siri virtual assistant is also integrated in the product. Users can use this feature with the familiar command: “Hey Siri” or press the button on the headset.

However, Beats PowerBeats Pro does not provide ambient sound mode when using headphones. Instead, the device has been equipped with a sensor so that when the headset is removed from the ear, the music will automatically stop so that the user does not miss any important information from the outside environment.

PowerBeats Pro price $199.95 – $249.95.


Philips upbeat taut102bk

Wireless Earbuds Philips upbeat taut102bk are designed to be completely wireless earbuds for user comfort and the small ear cushions fit comfortably in the ears, suitable for Running, Sports.

The headset has up to 12 hours of music playback and comes with a small charging case that you can fit in your pocket or backpack / bag.


These headphones with noise and echo cancellation are perfect for running outdoors.


The built-in microphone has noise and echo cancellation so you can always hear clearly when talking on the phone.


Philips upbeat taut102bk price $53.65


Duet 50 Pro

Is an in the best classic earbuds for running, beetle design holds your ears all day without discomfort or pain at all. In addition, this headset also eats points in size, it has many different sizes applicable to various small to large ears. So you won’t have to worry about size with this Duet 50 Pro.

If the Philips upbeat taut102bk have12 hours of battery life then the Duet 50 Pro lasts up to 130 hours of use. Enough battery so you can listen to music all day! If you use it for intense activity, it is not easy to beat the Duet 50 Pro because of its IPX-5 rated sweat-resistant nano-coating. Yeah! This is perfect for 1 best bluetooth earphones for running.


With the era of technology developing day by day, users can now enjoy comfortable music while doing sports with compact but equally sturdy, durable, quality headphones, premium sound quality.
Hope you will choose for yourself the Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running that is right for you.


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