Headphones you can sleep in?

There are many questions sent by readers to headphone drunk, one of the questions that many people are interested in is headphones you can sleep in?


If you use an inappropriate headset while sleeping, listening to music during sleep is a relatively long time and listening at high volume will harm the ear canal and hearing function. Wearing headphones while sleeping makes you unable to hear outside sounds, such as fire alarms, relatives’ calls, phone rings… this is not safe for you.

After reading the tips above, if you still want to use headphones while sleeping, we have some advice for you.

Use the right equipment

Currently, there are many headphones that support you during sleep, you can choose the best earbuds for asmr that will help you avoid unwanted risks when wearing headphones while sleeping.

Adjust the volume just right

When wearing headphones while sleeping, you need to adjust the volume to a moderate, not too loud, and avoid wearing headphones while the phone or music player is charging because this easily leads to the risk of electric shock.

Play and off time setting

You should set a timer to turn off the music so that when you fall asleep, the sound will be cut off, saving the device’s battery, and reducing the adverse effects on the ears.

Choose a good song/music for sleep

Each person has their own taste in music, especially in choosing songs or music to listen to while sleeping. Some people like to sleep with fast-paced music while others prefer slow-paced music to relax. The ideal type of song or music to listen to when you want to sleep is one that is close to your heart rate, between 60 and 80 BPM (beats per minute). You can look up songs within that range using apps on your phone.


Through the above sharing, hope you have some useful information about Headphones you can sleep in. Please use headphones properly to ensure not much impact on health.

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