Headphones That Dont Go In Your Ears – Meet AfterShokz Titanium

Headphones that don’t go in your ears? In today’s article, headphonesay introduce you to the Aftershockz headphones that have received many positive reviews from this year’s technology & audio enthusiasts.

Headphones That Don’t Go In Your Ears?

The colored plastic part that plays the role of the headset’s frame is made of hard plastic with an additional layer of translucent film for a smooth, soft feel like Silicone, which is very comfortable to hold. A hidden interesting feature of the Trekz Titanium is the plastic-coated Titanium metal frame that ensures extreme durability, lightness and mobility during sports activities.


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headphones that don't go in your ears

With a fairly light weight of only 36 grams, I feel very comfortable when using Trekz Titanium for a long time without experiencing any discomfort. The volume control key with the power switch is located next to the micro USB charging port under the right frame. At the same time, the call button is located on the left side of the handy speaker, which can be said with Trekz Titanium, you can free your hands to do everything.

headphones that don't go in your ears

An interesting feature is that Trekz Titanium equips microphones on both sides with noise cancellation technology to increase conversation quality. When there is an incoming call, you just need to press the Phone call button on the left ear to make a call. Call sound is very good.



Battery life is also impressive with 6 hours of music and continuous talk. The device also supports fast charging technology with a charging time of about 1.5 hours. Trekz Titanium also meets IP55 waterproof standard against dust, moisture and sweat, giving you peace of mind to use in sports activities.

headphones that don't go in your ears

Trekz Titanium gives quite good sound quality, strong and deep bass, the transmitter vibrates very clearly when enjoying Rap music. An interesting point of bone conduction headphones is that you can both listen to music and hear your surroundings, including the murmur of conversations or leaves falling lightly.

Final Thoughts

Compared to in-ear headphones, Trekz Titanium has the advantage of helping to hear the surrounding environment clearly, which is quite safe when we have to listen to music while driving in the city, but it is also a small disadvantage of the ear. listen to this bone conduction.


Due to its completely open nature, users will have to accept the influence of noise from the outside, with the noisy and crowded characteristics of the street. Besides, if you wear glasses, you need to adjust the position of the headset a bit to make everything fit smoothly.

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