Edifier H180 Review – New Update Month Headphonesay

Edifier H180 review today will give you more reasons to choose this headset. There are many cheap headphones on the market, among them Edifier H180 is trusted by many people because of its reputation for good sound quality and reasonable price.

Edifier H180 Review?

Let’s edifier h180 review! They are basically quite light and have a glossy black shell around them. If you are a lover of classic design like this headset, you can refer to the article best classic earbuds.


The same goes for the basic design and materials, so the headphones don’t really stand out in this regard. When we tested the comfort of wearing for a long time, thanks to the sponge we did not experience any other discomfort.

edifier h180 review

There is an easily visible disadvantage that the cable of the edifier h180 is quite thin (due to being covered with plastic). However, it is not too much of a concern because the headset is in the cheap price range. Frequency from 300Hz – 900Hz brings good bass & treble experience. Check out the audio review h180 edifiers below:



·       Soundstage: We feel satisfied with the soundstage of the edifier h180, there are basically no limitations when listening to light music. We can hear the sound of instruments playing inside any song.


·       Bass: Edifier H180 has the advantage of strong bass as expected of many in-ear headphones, far beyond other classic headphones. However, sometimes it still happens that the sound leaks out.


·       Mid-range: When we tested it, we felt that the mid-range felt like it was concave for instruments such as guitars, drums, etc. The charging sound was slightly distorted, not as natural as expected.

Final Thoughts

Hope our edifier h180 review article can help you compare with other headphones. Given their exact choice, they are the headphones chosen by many students because of their cheap price with their wallet, good sound quality for listening to music/studying.

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