Earbuds Without Rubber Tips – Best Earbuds 2022

There are many ways to choose earbuds without rubber tips quickly. With the headphones listed below will help you have a better overview.

The following table has listed earbuds without rubber tips currently, you can buy right now:

earbuds without rubber tips
earbuds without rubber tips
earbuds without rubber tips

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In-ear headphones without rubber tips can still be used and become a “friend” in each person’s work. We contribute to help you relax more after a tiring day at work, or watch good TV series. Here is a summary list.


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Reviews Of Earbuds Without Rubber Tips

Maeline Bulk Earphones

earbuds without rubber tips

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Maeline bukl earphones mentioned in the list of earbuds without rubber tips are also thanks to advantages such as today’s smart cross-platform compatibility. Allows you to connect to smartphones, laptops, PCs, MP3 devices, etc. quickly without any problems.


The standard 3.5mm plug is 48 inches long L-shaped. The headphones are comfortable and fit, but they don’t have microphone support if you’re a frequent phone caller. In addition, the design highlights of the Maeline bulk earphones are highly appreciated by users.

1MORE ComfoBuds

earbuds without rubber tips

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The 1More Comforbuds headphones are well-regarded for their great design and sound quality. The 13.4mm dynamic driver has made the sound more detailed and perfect than other conventional headphones. The price is also very suitable for many people.


The connection process is instant and remembers immediately after the first time. After the rest of the times you just need to turn on the headset and it will automatically pair with the device. What we love about this 1More headset is that the 4microphones help amplify your voice to the highest level, eliminating external noises for more convenient communication.

Philips Audios Actionfit Shq1200

earbuds without rubber tips

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The final recommendation in the list of earbuds without rubber tips is the Philips Audio Actionfit Shq1200 headphones that offer comfort in use. They have high durability when performing a few tests such as: impact, high temperature … still “survive“.


Besides, the headset is also waterproof and sweatproof when encountering bad weather / exercising. They are a bit heavier than the 1More but that’s not a big deal. We still feel comfortable and light when using it all day long.

Pick For The Best

1MORE ComfoBuds Wireless Earbuds headphones fully meet the advantages of headphonesay’s list of earbuds without rubber tips. You can shop quickly by clicking on the image next to it.


Hopefully our above reviews can be helpful for you. Don’t forget to check back daily for the best headphone reviews!


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