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Looking for classic apple earbuds? Apple headphones introduced in October 2019, Apple AirPods seems to be a name that is constantly mentioned and sought after by the technology world. So are they really “Pro” and worth buying? Let’s learn more with headphonesay!

Classic Apple Review?

At the time of launch, the design was the first impression that AirPods Pro brought, “strange” is one of the words that people use the most to describe the design of the new True Wireless headset from Apple.


AirPods Pro is Apple’s first In-ear designed headset, different from the Earbuds on previous AirPods, at first glance, most people probably find its “strange” design compared to previous versions duty.


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classic apple earbuds

However, the purpose of this new design is to give AirPods Pro better noise resistance, quieter ears and difficult to drop when worn, something that AirPods, AirPods 2 have not been able to do.


In particular, the sound pipe of AirPods Pro is not the same as other In-ear headphones, instead of a long and protruding sound pipe design, the AirPods Pro do better when removing the protrusion. , looks a lot more refined.


The AirPods Pro charging box has also been changed in shape, specifically the AirPods Pro charging box is designed horizontally, different from the old generation AirPods in the vertical form, the overall size is also a bit larger, but still looks very neat. and beautiful.

classic apple earbuds

However, because it is still quite new, up to now, it is difficult to find a suitable case for this product.


In front of the charging box is an LED indicator light, behind is a button to connect and below is the position of the charging port, AirPods Pro still uses the lightning charging port like the previous AirPods.


Although the new iPad and MacBook have switched to Type-C, in fact, the most used device with AirPods is still the iPhone and so far, the latest is the iPhone 11 Series (11 – 11 Pro – 11 Pro Max). still use the lightning port, so it’s easy to see why AirPods Pro still use this charging port.


Compared to the previous generation AirPods, AirPods Pro has been significantly upgraded in sound quality, bringing a more “Pro” sound quality, the bass has been pulled down deeper and stronger, while the sound details remain full and sharp.


The feeling on the ear with AirPods Pro is really impressive, just wearing it feels extremely comfortable, not as secretive as other In-ear headphones, after a few minutes, it seems to forget that I am wearing an ear.

classic apple earbuds

The reason for this is because AirPods Pro do a very good job of breathable design, reducing pressure inside the ear when worn, providing an extremely comfortable wearing feeling, which most other In-ear headphones have not really been. well done.


Besides, with the In-ear design and new shape, AirPods Pro are very solid when worn on the ear, not easy to fall like other in-ear headphones, but the feeling when wearing is still very light and comfortable. even when worn for a long time.

classic apple earbuds

Removing and changing the ear cushions is also quite simple, just yank it out of the headset, but when attaching it, you should pay attention to attach it to the right joints so that the ear cushions are tight and match the headset to avoid falling, because it is designed quite different, so it’s currently quite difficult to find replacement ear cushions for AirPods Pro.


Another small point is that when the wearer is lying on his side, AirPods Pro do not strain the ears as much as other True Wireless headphones, because the headphones are designed to be more compact and shorter, surely many users have the habit of wearing headphones. You will love this when you sleep.


With the ability to analyze and process sound according to the environment, almost in all conditions, AirPods Pro have very good noise resistance, even in complex audio environments such as street sounds, cafes, restaurant, shopping mall,…

classic apple earbuds

When the noise canceling is on on the plane, almost the engine sound is completely eliminated, and when riding a motorbike on the street, the surroundings are extremely noisy, but AirPods Pro still do very well, if the music is turned on at about 70% volume. upwards, it seems that you can only hear a little honking.


AirPods Pro still show very good fast connection speed and stable operation with Apple devices, after the first connection, subsequent uses, only 1-2 seconds after opening the lid, AirPods Pro has successfully connected to the previously connected device.

classic apple earbuds

When connecting to Android devices, AirPods Pro still do not disappoint, the connection speed is still very fast, only about 3-4 seconds after opening the lid, and in terms of stability, there is no doubt, the quality The sound is still guaranteed, the sound is transmitted smoothly and there is no stutter or delay.


Although AiPods Pro cannot connect 2 devices at the same time (phone to phone or phone to tablet, …) but in terms of sound stability and connection speed, it can be said that AirPods Pro is really “Pro” as the name implies.

Final Thoughts

It can be affirmed, AirPods Pro is really “Pro” and worth buying, is a rare True Wireless headset that does well in almost every aspect, from sound quality, noise resistance, stability to design. Besides, the features, utilities and battery on AirPods Pro are also highlights that cannot be ignored.


Compared to the previous generation AirPods, AirPods Pro are upgraded in almost every aspect, so if you are using old AirPods and wondering whether to upgrade or not, the answer is yes, if you are not If you are strict with the extra money, AirPods Pro will definitely make you extremely satisfied.

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